I don’t want to piss on the comedy parade here, but, honestly, I’ve never been that big a fan of Dwight Howard’s Stan Van Gundy impersonations. The voice is a bit off, he doesn’t have the correct cadence, it’s a little too cute … let’s just say it’s no Rob Brydon’s Michael Caine. (Click that link, it’s gold.)

But then you throw down some audio of Dwight Howard doing his Stan Van Gundy over video of Stan Van Gundy arguing with a ref, and, well, shit — it’s not too bad. Pretty spot on, actually.

One love to Leigh Ellis — who does a great Australian impersonation, by the way — for the inspiration.

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  1. The Van Gundy brothers are both hilarious. Neither one of them take themselves too seriously. Would love to be in the locker room to hear these guys behind the scenes daily

  2. Sounds like Cheech Marin doing his stoner voice…

  3. dwight howard is the corniest person in the league.

  4. truth. I’ve never heard a Dwight Howard attempt at humor that didn’t embarrass me to some degree.

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