Ep. 655: Dick Move

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas hit you with the NBA weekend’s winners and losers. On the upside: Marcin Gortat and his resilient/lucky Suns, Mike Miller’s offensive rebounding, DeMarcus Cousins’ recent play, and the return of NBA on ABC Sunday doubleheaders. On the downside: Kevin Garnett’s dirty tactics, ex-Pacers coach Jim O’Brien, the Wizards, and poor Ron Artest. All that, plus “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye” to Melas’ latest Boyz II Men report.

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Comments (41)

  1. Gonna go out on a limb and say you’ve nominated KG as loser of the weekend for his childish actions. Have yet to watch this episode but I’m fairly confident in my pick.

  2. The Toronto Raptors losers

  3. KG is just a dick, plain and simple. And no I’m not a Celtic hater. I actually enjoy the way most of the Celtics play, but KG is an asshole and his antics against Channing Frye, of all people, prove it again. Dude is just a bully.

    And Skeets, stop hating on Boyz 2 Men. They made some frickin beautiful music in the 90′s.

  4. Cousins is killing it, buts lets give some love to the guy drafted after him, Greg Monroe. In the last 15 games he is averaging 11 points/9 rebounds/2 steals while shooting 60% from the field for the Pistons. Also had his best game on on Sunday at New York with 15/17 on 6/8 shooting. He will be a double double player next season, and will be approaching it by the end of this year. Quietly, he has his averages at 7/6 right now after a slow start.

  5. Little rough on KG here. Frye moved his feet forward as much as KG went under him. The poke was clearly unintentional, like so many other “touches” on jumpers in the NBA. Frye came down on KG’s foot and reacted to that, like anyone would react when coming down on anything other than flat floor, and was upset about it. The whole game was testy (get it?) and things came together in a flash, same interaction any other game maybe a foul is called and the game moves on.

  6. Gortat finally making it work with Steve Nash 22/14/1.5blks in last two games. Making great use of Boston’s bigs foul trouble and Emeka’s injury, but still… Thanks for making my NBA life worthwile – had to wait 15 years of watching NBA to see one of my countrymen shine

    DMC was my pick for ROTY (thought Blake would go out Oden-style) so happy he’s kicking it in style

    KG’s a dick but we’ll still love him in the playoffs for he plays great defense :)

    How about CP3′s flop for the 3pt foul at the end of Suns game? Wow, did he kick his legs out just to catch Frye’s legs or what?

  7. My loser for the weekend, and possibly wanker of the week should be Steve Javie. Dude powertrips on a nightly basis, and especially in games involving better teams, the link below says it all…


  8. Def a dick move by KG for going under the feet, Bruce Bowen style.

    We can go ahead and give Loser of the Year Award to… whoever injures Blake Griffin. Jealous players are starting to foul him hard but what they don’t realize is that if they’re the ones to injure him, every fan of basketball will hate them.

    Isn’t it ironic that they guy who got suspended for consuming an energy drink is called “O.J.” ? There’s a better joke in there somewhere, I’m just too dumb to come up with it.

  9. Y’all overreacted almost as much as Frye did. I don’t see how anyone could certain that it was intentional from that video. It looked like a guy being caught between contesting or thinking of boxing out. And has anyone seen a kg jump shot and how much he naturally steps into it? I think that has a lot to do with where his feet under up. You can tell by kg’s face that he had no idea frye was gonna freak out and you’d think that if he did that on purpose he would have expected that.

  10. Uhm Derrick Rose? How is he not a winner of the weekend? The guy has 2 ulcers and carries the bulls over the magic, and comes back again and helps beat the pacers. Like boozer said, most people would cry in bed from 1 ulcer. you cant even tell this guy has any. his name should have been mentioned.

  11. i dig the arrested development reference

  12. You guys should bring back headlines with the slideshow.

  13. Big winner? Eddie House “Brass Balls” celebration. That was like a basketball version of Glengarry Ross

  14. I saw a Pink Floyd tribute band at Rama the night before…man up Tas, Boys 2 Men? Really?

  15. Nice opening line. So many props to you guys.

  16. I agree that KG shouldn’t have been tossed…..but at the time I was very glad that he was. That game was a huge disaster, and I felt like the fact that he was ejected from the game might save him from being suspended for the game against the Lakers.

    However, I was expecting a fine…to the best of my knowledge that hasn’t come down the pike.

    I think there is a bit of an overreaction here Tas. This issue seems to bother you (I remember earlier in the year with I think it was Aaron Brooks and maybe Manu). There are other guys who have done this in the past, and I don’t think it’s completely intentional every time. I think it should be a fine, so that guys will be more careful. In this case, because I do think it may have been intentional, maybe a game if he hadn’t already been ejected.

    But 3 or 4 games? That would set too harsh of a precedent. Then every time a guy steps under another guy you have to levy that huge penalty, because like Skeets said you can’t really know if it was malicious. Slow motion (this is especially true if you ever watch football plays in slow motion) makes things that guys are doing instinctually seem calculated.

    I’d say he should be fined and that’s it (since he was ejected).

    Rik Smits was a stud.

  17. That link about Javie is a little much. When I read that, the clear thing to me is that Doc probably should have not said anything. Javie could have just started Ting dudes up for complaining. Instead he went to the bench and did it that way (which is what I’d prefer).

  18. Kg shoulda beeen suspended for the dick move. didnt because nba prob wanted him there in the matchup against the lakers. just saying

  19. You’re right, Nick. Intentionally injuring other players does bother me. Twice in one game? Please. I watched it in live over and over – he wasn’t challenging the shot, KG was challenging his feet/ankle strength.

  20. I just want to be clear in all of this that I’m not defending KG (which is what I usually do). I think going under someone is a dick move for sure. I just think if it is going to start being punished, that is a change from the status quo. The NBA is not turning a blind eye to it because he’s KG. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Bowen was never suspended for going under guys right?

    Again, I think it should be punished. A big fine plus a game (or being ejected in the game), but I don’t think this is a case of the league not carrying out its policy because it’s Garnett….they don’t punish for this. I think he knows that.

    And, on top of this, the balltap is the real reason most people are talking about this at all. So, I don’t think this is an issue that people feel strongly about (although they should).

  21. I’m not saying it shouldn’t bother you. It should. But 3 or 4 games??

    Let’s say you do suspend him 3 or 4 games. What happens when a guy is trying to get out to contest…doesn’t get there….doesn’t throw a hand up, but gets his feet under the shooter…..then how can you not levy the same punishement to him…..you don’t know for sure it wasn’t on purpose…..but now you have to suspend him for 3 or 4 games, becuase you suspended garnett for that many.

    A huge fine for this is the right move. Maybe a game.

  22. You’re right about no being suspended for this move previously, Nick. And, you’re right about each case being too difficult to judge whether it was done on purpose or not.

    I’m likely judging Garnett because it’s Kevin Garnett, and in my mind, there was only one intention here: make Frye land on my foot.

    And, you are taking quite the neutral position – a move not usually made by you.

  23. I’m with Tas on this, the refs tossed him because they saw what he was doing.

    And hey Skeetz, it happened to me last month, I was even emailing Tas about letting the NBA guys that you communicate with know that they should stop showing and spotlighting ankles twised, knees bent, etc… Yes we’re human but it is such a mindf*ck, like you said. An image like this lasts a long time, at least for me ://

    Tas, BIIM rule! Don’t listen to the haters!

  24. Hey, aren’t relatives and friends of the competition holders not allowed to participate… This b-ball pick contest is rigged :D

  25. I agree that the NBA should have suspended KG for his attempts to injure Channing Frye. By turning a blind eye to such before they’re setting themselves up for having to administer a suspension and more after a player does get injured by Garnett.

  26. Where is the “WHAT’S UP GUYS!”

  27. Well man, I think the fact that I’m doing that speaks to your point……I wouldn’t be doing it unless it was really bad.

  28. just out of curiousity tas, what was the male/female ratio at the boys 2 men concert?

  29. Is “II” really the best boyz II men album? I had the cassette tape of cooleyhighharmony way way back in the day in 4th grade, and I feel like that would be really hard to top. That was my first and last boyz II men purchase.

  30. Who gives a F this is ball MOFO. Not some softball girls under 12. Grow some nuts so KG can punch em and put a helmet on if youre a bitch

  31. Cavaliers losers. 20 straight losses. Boyz II Men are the best. Their probably better live than recorded

  32. Book Off; Hedo dance inside City Hall.

  33. How did no one mention O.J. Mayo? Didn’t that happen over the weekend?

    Great comments, team.

  34. I was hoping to hear some stuff about Durant calling out Bosh as a fake tough guy. I love the bad blood. They play once more March 16. Mark your calender, I say.

  35. I’m a KG bobo but let me try to defend him. What’s the book on Channing Frye? He shoots 3 pointers, he’s NEVER going to drive, he’s inviting people to get under him with that kind of play, add in the fact that KG is one of the best perimeter defenders at the power forward position ever and this kind of thing is likely to happen. Maybe Frye should develop more of a game, pump fake and take a jumper just inside the 3 point line every once in a while. And speaking of defense, maybe the suns should try playing it sometime anyways…. And then the whole ”nut tap” part, if you look at KG he’s actually not even looking at Frye when he taps him, so I doubt the nuts were the aim (he’s watching the ball-his head is almost turned torward the basket, which sort of contradicts my part about KG trying to get out and contest the 3 pointer-he’s sort of in a low defensive stance rather than going for a block). It’s going to seem like a cheap shot because of KG’s reputation, but it seems like he was just trying to tap him on the shot anywhere on his body to alter the shot a bit, I always hear players talking about trying to do these little subtle things that they think they can get away with, Kobe, and other veteran players etc. I think it looks worse because it happened to be a nut shot-resulting in Frye collapsing and making it look like a big ”cheap shot”. KG didn’t seem to mean to be under him when he landed, it seemed to be more of a result of trying to tap Frye, the more I watch the play, the more the landing on the foot seems like an accident. KG’s response to the play was to initially scrunch himself up like he wasn’t trying to get under Frye, and at first I thought it indicated guilt, but the more I watch the play the more it(the scrunching up response) looks like a genuine reaction.

    I know KG throws ‘bows like johnny cage(crime mob), and so I suppose you could label him a dirty player, but I don’t think this is a case where that was on display, it seems like a lot of people let their overall perceptions cloud certain specific events. I mean KG just came off a season where he played with what seemed like 1 leg, missed all kinds of time, missed all kinds of time the year before, and now he’s going to try to purposely injure a guys ankle? Like you really think he’s thinking “yea man let me mess this dude’s ankle up”? I don’t buy it.

    I dunno I could be wrong, it was sort of a half assed close out so who really knows though. Perception that KG is a Richard has been all over the internets for a while, so someone’s gotta play devil’s advocate.

  36. Thats Crazy… KG does play harder and he plays the tough guy enforcers on his team… the same night that that happen to KG, i believe, same thing happen to wade by harden.. its a nba move.. guard the shooter as close as you can… you dont know where his feet are coming down… KG did try to hit Fyre in the junk (which is a great move, almost as good as the smacking the elbow before they started to call that), but please your reaction shows nothing but bias towards the Celtics.

  37. Loved the Boyz II Men segment. Hilarious.

    Love the show, but please revert to the old book-off system. Every book-off this year has been decided by one of you forgetting to make your picks. It was a lot better with the old system, and I think a lot of fans would agree.

  38. yeah… he used it again :-) go skeets

  39. bring back the daily bookoff. it was alot more fun

  40. awesome Arrested Development reference in the opening…..

  41. I can’t get enough of this comment stream. I’ll add 2 more things:

    1. Agree with everyone, daily bookoff was awesome. Not only is this one decided by one of you forgetting picks, but we also aren’t hearing who your picks are like we did before. Huge downgrade from before.

    2. Forget suspensions and fines and all that other stuff. The best way for the NBA to make sure guys aren’t doing what KG did is to make sure the referees call it a foul in the game. According to the rules, you have to give the shooter a place to land. If not, it’s a foul. They never call it. KG knows that. He also knows that if Frye comes down on his foot several times, that fear of injury is going to be in the back of his mind when he goes to shoot……so of course he’s going to do it if it’s not being called.

    But, if it was a foul that was called often, I guarantee you he wouldn’t do it as much.

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