Since joining the Phoenix Suns, Marcin Gortat is averaging just a shade more than 10 points a game, which ain’t so bad for a backup center. Yesterday, the big Bond villain notched his finest game of the year, scoring 25 points on 10 shots while grabbing 11 rebounds. For a guy who’s averaged 4 points a game for his entire career, that’s Danny Baldwin. Excuse me, that’s ballin’. Apologies.

But how has he done it? The guy isn’t some offensive dynamo and he isn’t getting tons of shot attempts. Instead, he’s thriving on a combination of two very effective offensive techniques.

First, as Skeets likes to point out, Gortat is one of the league’s best at diving to the rim, whether it be on a pick-and-roll or just a basket cut. He’s big, agile and has good hands, all of which make him an extraordinary target near the hoop. Given more minutes, he was bound to produce.

The other part, naturally, is Steve Nash, who remains awesome while being a super old guy. Not the best description, I’ll admit, so I’ll turn the imaginary microphone over to Gortat. Here’s what he had to say about how great it is to play with Nash.

“Rajon Rondo is a great point guard, but he isn’t better than Steve. As many passes as he gave me today I think I had so many passes the entire season a couple years ago. It’s just a great feeling to play with him.”

Let’s see — guy who is adept at cutting to the basket, plus guy who is adept at passing to cutters. Yeah, I can see how that would work. Marcin Gortat is a genius.

Really though, this is just the latest in Steve Nash praise. We all know that Steve Nash is an excellent passer and that everyone likes playing with him and that he makes everyone look good and that his hair is so soft you can’t even believe it. Common knowledge, but this is just an awesome way of saying it. Marcin Gortat, apparently, is a funny joke machine. More like Marcin LOLtat, am I right? (No. I’m not.)

Plus, when you consider he only played in six games during the 2007-08 season, he’s probably telling the truth. He probably was on the receiving end of more passes yesterday than in those 41 minutes back in 2k8, which is also kind of funny to think about.

Marcin Gortat — NBA funny man. I can live with that.