Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets visit New Jersey tonight for the first time since Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov ended the drawn-out trade talks with Denver.

And seeing as it’s Monday, we here at The Basketball Jones figured there was no better way to watch the ‘Melo-drama unfold than with a bag of chips, a Mexican sombrero and 48 cans of “Old Speckled Hen.”

“Seek out something different.”

So, here you go, the rules for tonight’s ‘Melo-in-New Jersey Drinking Game:

[Note: To save our ass from potential lawsuits, and because some people are dumb as shit, assume that all beverages are non-alcoholic. TBJ is in no way promoting excessive consumption of alcohol. Nope. Not at all.]


Anytime an analyst says: Carmelo, ‘Melo, Anthony, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Nets, New York, Manhattan, Knicks, Prokhorov, owner, Russian, Jet Ski, “Rocky IV,” Derrick Favors, Billups, GM, Bosh, LeBron, draft picks, LaLa, wife, championship, trade, rumor, deadline, future, extension, lockout, CBA, Jay-Z, franchise.

OK, you’re dead.

Thanks for playing!

Comments (3)

  1. The chances of them saying “trade” is greater than them saying “Nets”

  2. Someone needs to watch the game with a hand click-counter thingy.
    See how many drinks they really should have.

    And as a rule every inference to anthoney/carmello/melo’ during game play shouldn’t really count..
    Such as “Melo’ grabs a rebound/ shoots a three!!”

  3. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov ended the drawn-out trade talks with Denver

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