There’s an old marketing axiom that goes a little something like this: “Sometimes you just have to take the world’s most famous basketball player and put him in a short film with the world’s biggest rapper, the world’s most notable guy named Bruce and the dude from ‘Machete’.” Admittedly, it’s an odd saying, but it’s also a good one because that’s what’s happening here, in the second trailer for Nike’s upcoming Kobe Bryant movie/long form commercial “The Black Mamba.”

Basically, Kanye wants Kobe’s shoes so he makes him angry guys, Danny Trejo and Bruce Willis on top of a high-rise building by using basketball skills. You know, classic hoops stuff. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening. Not quite sure since it’s just a tiny snippet of a thing that debuts All-Star Weekend, but at the very least, it’s virtually guaranteed to look cool because it’s directed by Robert Rodriguez, the dude behind “Sin City” and the grenade launcher leg half of “Grindhouse.” Guy’s got a knack for gritty action/3-D children’s movies/explosions.

One thing I can’t figure out though is why there is a character named “Boss” played by a rapper, and that rapper is not Rick Ross. Seems like the perfect fit.

Oh well. Original trailer after the jump.