Ep. 656: Dum Spiro, Spero

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas discuss the Nuggets’ brutal road woes, Anthony Morrow’s sweet stroke, whether you’d take Devin Harris over Raymond Felton, Dwight Howard’s big mouth, Conley’s game-winning steal, Wilson Chandler’s contract year, the L.A. Clippers’ “dunk-a-thon,” and which floundering NBA team has the most hope: Cavs, Kings, Raps, Pacers, Pistons, Wolves or Wiz? You tell us.

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Comments (28)

  1. melas, your man crush on wesley matthews is admirable, but quit it with the ill-will love. he’s averaging 17 points on a team that plays at a ridiculous pace. he is NOT a great second fiddle for chrissakes. he is luol deng. he is a fantastic third option, but a stretch as a second option, unless your team is as freakin stacked as the spurs.

  2. “15 inches coming tonight” hahahahaahaa

  3. Kings for the same reason Tas had in the show – Reke & DMC. Cousins is a beast – when he gets his head together he’s gonna be the best center in the West and probably up there with Dwight.

  4. Bad show.. skeets didnt used the a word :-(

  5. Speaking of the Grizzlies, any toughts on the Mayo suspension?

    Best upside : Wolves.

  6. Are The Score studios near a fire station or something? Firetrucks driving by the window on 2 consecutive episodes.

  7. Best upside has to be the Wolves, but the Wiz probably have the best chance to damage with Wall, draft picks and being in the East

  8. I agree with Michael L. You can’t just skip your favorite word, Skeets.

    Bad games on tonight? Okay, but Spurs @ Blazers is allright. Although, Rockets @ Lakers won’t be the same when Artest and Kobe are on the same team.

    Best upside, I have to go with the Nets. A healthy Harris and a Star Piece would make them much better.

  9. I think the Pacers have pretty decent upside; Roy Hibbert, Darren Collison and Granger will start to show under a new coach that they can be a decent core. Add to that the ever improving Paul George, Tyler Hansbrough (14 pts in 15 mins last night) and the enigma that is Lance Stephenson (looked incredible in the Summer League… granted that is the Summer league…) and you have a nice young roster.

    Plus Dunleavy, TJ Ford and Foster are coming off the books this free agency – ($26 million) – meaning some leverage in the Summer. Hopefully they won’t waste it like the Dahntay Jones contract…

  10. Fine Flounderers: Pacers, Pistons, Kings. In that order.

  11. The kings got to be the choice for brightest future, they got two of the best young guys in the league. Regarding Wilson Chandler, he’ll probably get 40-45 mil over 5 years, and it’ll probably be an overpayment

  12. I like the Wiz.

    Of course, John Wall.
    But also Nick Young, Javale McGee, Andray Blatche. All three are headcases in their own way, but they wouldn’t be considered that if it wasn’t for their fantastic talent. It’s obvious not all of the three will fulfill their potential, but even one would do great damage with Wall…

    Add to that, Yi and Trevor Booker, …

    That’s a lot of talent… A lot…

    I know they are stuck with the worse contract in the league (Lewis) for 3 years, and with Hinrich (9mil/yr) for two years… But that should keep them from doing too much stupid transactions and allow improving from inside the team…

    And then, when those contracts come off the cap, here will be the age of their team: Wall 23, Young 28, McGee 25, Blatche 27, Booker 26, Yi 26
    See what I mean here? They’re all young, and none of them warrant a high raise now, but most of them could break out!

    that’s hope.

    btw, did you know that “j’avale” is french for “I swallow”?

  13. Teams with the worst immediate futures:

    Raptors – Congrats on a 2-15 January (12 loss streak)
    Cavs – 0-16 January, 1-31 since November 30th (21 loss streak)

  14. Are the Lakers gonna make the Playoffs?

  15. regarding the nuggets’ failure to give a shit: no surprise. they’ve played the same way (brilliant one night, unspeakably bad the next) ever since melo and then karl got here. they’ve had many different permutations over the years, with melo, nene, and kmart being the only constants, yet have remained consistent in their inconsistency. i don’t claim to know why this is (i’m tempted to blame karl, but won’t). one can only hope that the ewing theory goes into effect once melo is gone. the rest of the team played great w/out him this year.

    for denver fans right now, the only thing sadder than the nuggets playing like shit is when they play like gold.

  16. Is it just a coincidence that a FedEx van passes by in every single episode?

  17. I’ll say the Wolves. Their players seem to grasp the concept of defense.

  18. Kinda with the Wizards. Not a fan, but strangely happened to have seen a lot of their games.

    They’re like the nice guy neighbour – always polite, generic smile, what’sup-backward-nod, you don’t know his name. Then looking out of the window, you see him pick up a sweets wrapper. Nothing really spectacular, but something which funnily really lets you believe there is a solid core, some “true grit” hidden. ;-)

  19. I don’t think it’s as simple as the Nuggets not giving a shit. Chauncey Billups is one year older and you can tell he’s going through “the change” (credit Bill Simmons). He’s no longer a star and Ty Lawson is ready to take over.

    Chris Anderson has also been injured most of the year, and he was their most effective guy even though he played limited minutes. Add Kenyon Martin’s missed games and you’ve got most of the drop-off right there.

  20. Can anyone tell me the name of the 2nd song at the break? Thanks in advance ;)

  21. sammo – i guess i was refering to the nuggets not giving a shit last night. and the night before that. there is no question this team has had a variety of hurdles to overcome this season, and that they stand at a 28-20 mark is really quite commendable. but given consistent effort on their part they could be so so so much better; nobody that watches the nuggs regularly and isn’t blind would argue this point.

    and chauncey is older, obviously, but is age an excuse for the nights (one night out of three, i would say) where he jacks up shot after shot, early in the clock? i mean, it’s almost as if jr and melo have had a bad influence on him, rather than his having a good influence on them. we do need him, though. we need the calming presence he provides when he’s being ‘good chauncey.’ and i don’t think ty is totally, one-hundred percent ready to take over yet, but he’s close. very, very close. i love him. so that’s nice.

  22. I have the same list as Druhouse. Pacers, Pistons, Kings. Chauncey is going through an “I’m going to the Net in a trade? ” hangover. All this Melodrama has put the Nuggets in a funk, and I don’t mean Rick James funk. Kudos to the Nets for overcoming the same thing and getting a win. I loved Outlaw as a Blazer and when he’s healthy, he’s a winner. I guess I have to add the Nets to that list as well, but still think this is probably not the Nets team we’ll see down the road. I’ve actually never been a fan of mid season trades anyway. I’d like to see all of that restricted to the off season.

  23. best upside i would think could be the wizards… wall is amazing and only getting better, nick young, the ever developing mcgee, al thornton, rashard, hinrich, and josh howard is still alive…. they really have a bunch of solid guys and a pretty good looking team on paper. they just need to develop and learn how to play together

  24. agree with the kings. they compete every game and they dont really get blown out by any teams. w/ tyreke, thrompson, and demarcus. good young guys, if they stay in sacramento and stay healthy unlike the blazers, i think they have a bright future

  25. been watching basketball wives (don’t ask why) and flirty girl fitness is apparently owned by eric williams’ wife/ex jennifer williams. also, every minute she’s on the screen makes me feel sorry for every minute eric williams was married to her.

  26. I would love to go with the Wolves, but it seems like they shouldn’t even be on the list by now. If they cant win with the talent they have (Love, Flynn, Beasley, Johnson, and Darko finally playing well) then I don’t really see how they are going to magically start winning next season or the season after that. Because of that, I have to go with the Kings as well. Cousins looks like he can be something special, even more so if they can get another big in the draft and move Cousins to a more West-friendly four spot.

    Also, not knocking the show because I love it and in all honestly nothing needs to change for it to remain the best sports blog on the net, but have you guys considered doing a weekly or daily poll? It would make for good comments and on-air debate. Just a thought.

  27. I like J.A.’s idea about a weekly poll!

    For me the wizards look like a team with a bright future

  28. I’d have to go with Kings or Wizards — Reke and Cousins are so sick. But JaVale and Wall and Blatche and Nick Young are so sick.

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