TBJ Top 5, featuring snowflakes

Skeets mentioned it on today’s show and it’s very, very true — tonight’s games are wackadoodle. A real yikes festival. Nonetheless, we’re all going to be snowed in tonight, so at least we have something.

San Antonio Spurs at Portland Trail Blazers
The one and only game betwixt two winning teams, so it’s your default winner. At least it’s going to be entertaining. Hopefully. At the very least, Duncan/Aldridge should be fun.

Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers
Big fan of this. Fast team vs. struggling team that doesn’t play much defense. High scores, here we come.

Boston Celtics at Sacramento Kings
Last game between these two was a 24-point Celtics win. No reason to expect anything different this time. But if something different does happen, well, high five.

Washington Wizards at New Orleans Hornets
On one hand, you almost have to wonder if the Wizards have the psychological advantage here. After all, if they lose it’s expected. But if New Orleans loses, it’s a big-time bummer because the Wizards are still winless on the road. On the other hand, these are the Wizards so never mind.

I Love You, Man (Cinemax — 6:30pm ET)
If you’ve seen this instant classic too many times, then maybe you’re better off watching the mini-sequel, where Jason Segel and Paul Rudd meet Rush.