New Jersey Nets 115, Denver Nuggets 99
The Nets are like, “Pssssht. We don’t even need Carmelo. We’ve already got Travis Outlaw.” And it’s true — they definitely have Travis Outlaw. However, they’d still probably be OK with having Carmelo.

Indiana Pacers 104, Toronto Raptors 93
Frank Vogel is the answer.

Miami Heat 117, Cleveland Cavaliers 90
Pretty amazing little stat, courtesy of the Associated Press — last year, the Cavaliers were the first team to hit 40 wins on the season, and this year they’re the first to lose 40 games. I wonder what the difference is.

Memphis Grizzlies 100, Orlando Magic 97
Dwight Howard got called for his league-leading 17th technical foul with five seconds left, giving the Grizzlies an extra free throw that resulted in the Magic having to shoot a desperation three to tie the game. Excellent control of emotions and great display of leadership.

Dallas Mavericks 102, Washington Wizards 92
Not much to say about a 10-point Dallas win against the Wizards at home. Basically what you’d expect and Andray Blatche didn’t really do anything too silly. Moving on.

Utah Jazz 83, Charlotte Bobcats 78
A win’s a win, and Utah really needed one, so word up to them. However, this is the fourth time in the last six games that the Jazz failed to top 85 points. That’s a worry.

Los Angeles Clippers 105, Milwaukee Bucks 98
Nine straight home wins for the Clippers and they got news that Eric Gordon is now listed as day-to-day and could make his return this week. Pretty good night. Pretty, pretty good.

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  1. Actually, the Howard tech was even worse than that. The team was down 1 with 5.5 left, the Grizz had two foul shots coming, and then Howard got called for the tech, giving the Grizz a chance to make it a two possession game. Just a completely boneheaded move on Howard’s part.

  2. Is it that difficult to just SHUT YOUR MOUTH while playing a game? How the hell is Dwight still getting techs all the time, just shut up!

    And wtf man, almost securing your team will loose is not a great move, my god…

  3. how many techs until suspension? 16 right

    he’s on 13 now, through 49 games – meaning he’s getting one T every 4 games roughly

    at this pace, he’ll get to 16 in game 61, miss game 62

    18th tech in game 70 and miss gm71
    20th tech in gm 79 and miss gm80

    So he’ll only miss 3 games if he keeps this pace up – not THAT bad, is it?

    still stupid though

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