What you see above are the new TECHFIT PowerWeb compression jerseys that adidas is offering as an option to wear in this year’s All-Star Game. As in, that’s the whole jersey. Nothing under it. Nothing over it. Just skin tight spandex, a name and a number. The look is … interesting.

As you probably gathered from that first sentence, these aren’t the only jerseys that will be offered in Los Angeles, as adidas will also be supplying all the All-Stars with the standard Revolution 30 jersey that you see every night in the NBA. That’s good news, especially if Kevin Love gets picked as a reserve. No offense to the guy, but let’s just say that a spandex top looks better on some people than on others. However, I’m sure somebody will wear one of these, at least for a little bit. If this doesn’t have Dwight Howard’s name written on it, I don’t know what does.

While I can’t see this catching on, it’s not terrible. It’s strange, for sure, but tighter-fitting jerseys have been the trend for the past few years and this is just pushing that to an extreme. Not to mention, adidas had a bunch of their soccer teams wearing similar duds in last summer’s World Cup. The TECHFIT jerseys are weird, but not entirely unprecedented.

At the very least, we should all be happy that Shaq is washed up. If he made the All-Star team, you know he’d wear one of these even if it was just for laughs. And that, my friends, would set jersey design back at least 30 years.