On today’s show, Skeets and Tas don some snowsuits — and hail a cab — to keep you caught up on all things NBA. Topics discussed: (All-Star?) LaMarcus Aldridge’s 40-point explosion, why Coach Pop didn’t give Tiago Splitter some burn, the Lakers’ few tradable assets, and the 2011 Rookie Challenge roster. All that, plus Skeets calls out Celebrity Game participant Justin Bieber, as well as your exceptionally shitty doodles. (Great work, guys. Keep ‘em coming.)

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Comments (18)

  1. I was surprised as well to see Bill Walton on the roster… A couple months ago he couldn’t sit through an entire NBA game, what is he going to do, distribute towels? Sad.

    Skeets, take that Laker bandwagon jumpin’ punk on the block!

  2. FYI

    that paper used in the polish doodle is your usual copybook paper for schoolnotes. we dont really do lines or blank paper – just checkers :)

  3. Skeets:Bieber::Experience:Youth

  4. You know Bieber has a crazy handle, I bet he’s Stratford’s version of Nate Rob.

  5. So who should make it, LA or Love? It’s basically a given that Griffin is making it, and i’m assuming Duncan makes it. So either Love or Aldridge will probably miss it. Quien es mas macho?

  6. atom786: Tas and I will make our 2011 NBA All-Star picks on Thursday. So tune in tomorrow — same TBJ-time, same T— meh, never mind. See you tomorrow.

  7. Alrighty then. About the Lakers trade: word is, Artest would appreciate a trade, so how’s about this: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=4l3s7qf ? Lakers get kidd and some cap space while shedding walton, mavs get nash, artest, childress, some pieces, suns shed hella salary and get beaubois and mahinmi to build around. Who blinks first?

  8. Another day without the a word… skeets i am deeply disappointed

  9. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention Jason Smith at all. 20 points filling in for Okafor and a career night obviously. I thought he might have been the Woh Boy over LMA.

  10. Warriors830: Yeah, I meant to give Mr. Smith some credit at the end of Whoa Boy. I had written down and everything. Oh well. I’m sure he’ll do it again.



  11. atom786; it looks nice, but I’m not sure the Mavs would commit 100mil in salaries through 4 years to these guys.

    It is now or never for them and Cuban isn’t cheap, but still… It would be pretty much all in…Would be a nice roster ‘tho.

    Looks good for the Lakers and cool but not fantastic for the Suns…

    Could there be some picks involved to sweeten this up a bit for them?

  12. Awesome opening quote. What is that from?

  13. If I remember correctly players aren’t allowed to participate in both the Rookie Challenge and All-Star Game.

  14. Weird, seems like Perk goes off every time I watch the Celtics play.

    I really think the rookies would destroy the coaches. It might even be a bit uncofortable/upsetting to watch. Maybe the coaches could go 5 on 3 or something.

    In that TBJ doodle Tas looks like the hypnotist that drops dead in office space.

  15. Fla: I’m not sure that’s true. Anyone have an example of a guy playing in both the Rookie Challenge and the All-Star Game over the same weekend? Jason Smith, this year?

  16. Skeets, please, please, PLEASE play Justin Bieber.

    If you start losing, blast his face with a ‘bow or something.

  17. bieber would be good at the game, he is competitive. like the time he was at lazertag. think he would be a good guard. he can bowl, but lets c if he can ball

  18. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stratford,_Ontario

    Seeing as though you are nowhere to been seen on the list of notable past and present residents Skeets, does that mean you will also have to play Peter Mansbridge and Llyod Robertson before you can stake back your title as “The Man who put Stratford on the map”?

    Also, interesting to see Stratford is in Perth County, and I live in Perth, Western Australia. Does that make us cousins or something?

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