“It’s against his nature,” Bryant said. “He’s very white swan. I need him to be more black swan.”Kobe Bryant, imploring Pau Gasol to play more aggressive

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  1. The thing is, I bet Kobe’s referencing the actual ballet as opposed to the movie. That dude’s a weirdo.

  2. This is awesome.

  3. Yeah!
    Hilarious!!! LoL

  4. @Amin

    You’re right on the nose on that one.

    And Pau is a big Opera buff. Couple of weirdos.

    However, to me, these strange qualities are positives. I like to imagine Kobe and Pau changing into tuxedos after games and heading down to the philharmonic for a late night symphony.

  5. Ewwww gross thanks

  6. Well done, Sir. Well done.

  7. Yeah, that actually looks more like Marc than Pau, but cute idea.

  8. This is the kind of stuff that proves my Lakers are cooler than your team.

    Why Steve Blake’s name though??

  9. Wow this is an image I definitely didn’t need to see haha. Not sure whether to laugh or cringe in disgust? haha

  10. Very, very funny! You’re awesome!

  11. Fantastic pic, Trey. I linked it in the SfS Lakers/Spurs “preview” (Pas de Deux line).

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