You’re snowed in. We’re snowed in. Watch some basketball. Good times.

Dallas Mavericks at New York Knicks
First meeting for these two teams, which seems a bit odd. No matter, though, this’ll be a good one. Maybe even great.

New Orleans Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder
The last 12 Thunder games have been decided by nine or less points, as have the last five Hornets games. So, basically, this is going to be a close game between two good teams. Good action.

Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Clippers
On December 18, the Clippers beat the Bulls by one point in Chicago. Since then, they’ve won 12 of their last 19. Not to discredit the Pistons, who the Clippers beat on December 17, but it kind of feels like that victory against the Bulls was a bit of a turning point for the Clips. Let’s see how that holds up.

Houston Rockets at Utah Jazz
If ever there were a time for the Jazz to get their offense back on track, it would be against the Rockets who are currently the seventh-worst defensive team in the league. Both of these teams can put up lots of points and I expect that to happen tonight. Real talk.

Milwaukee Bucks at Phoenix Suns
This game would be AWESOME if it was November 2009.