New Orleans Hornets 97, Washington Wizards 89
If you throw out the 25 games on the road that they’ve lost, the Wizards are a very respectable 13-10, which would leave them fifth in the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately for them, road games count just as much as home games even if you couldn’t tell that by watching them play.

Boston Celtics 95, Sacramento Kings 90
Kevin Garnett on Rajon Rondo’s altercation with DeMarcus Cousins: “We’re a very proud team. We don’t really do that to other people and just want hold up some decency in this game and respect.” Me on Kevin Garnett: “Oh, c’mon.”

Portland Trail Blazers 99, San Antonio Spurs 86
40 points on 23 shots for LaMarcus Aldridge who apparently is dying to go to the All-Star Game. Someone should let him know he’s allowed to go to Los Angeles even if he doesn’t make the team, just in case.

Los Angeles Lakers 114, Houston Rockets 106 OT
Aaron Brooks made 20 percent of his threes in this game, while Kevin Martin made 50 percent of his. Unfortunately for the Rockets, it was Brooks who took 10 shots from deep. Relax, man.