As you guys know, Tas and I bet on games every week in our B-Ball Picks Contest, and, at the end of the month, we bust out the calculator, tally it up, and make the loser do something humiliating. We call it our Book-Off Payoff.

Well, I won the month of January. So, once again, we got Tas in tights.

Watch your eyes, kids.

(Note: Many thanks to M.J. and Flirty Girl Fitness for letting Tas unleash his inner diva. I have it on good record that his pole has been removed from the facilities and burned in a garbage dumpster out back.)


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Comments (42)

  1. HAHA amazing, i might have to do something like this (tallying making the loser do something) with our Friday Night Prediction segment. Get em next month Tas.

  2. I will never look at Tas the same again

  3. Skeets: Make sure you win every book-off becuase revenge would be a bitch. A fucking big bitch…

  4. Damn…………

  5. Thats was halarious! Skeets u better watch out. that has to be the best on ever. i have to bet sum one so i could pull that one on my friends

  6. Hilarity! Wow. That was classic.

  7. LOL… I hope our handshake @ the end of the OT game last Friday was BEFORE this was filmed. ;) Good job Tas!

  8. I’m not sure whether to be amused, amazed or disgusted.

  9. Wow, I had to fast-forward through that. It’s not the sight of Tas in the lovely two-piece; I just can’t bear the social awkwardness of it all. But then I can’t watch The Office for the same reason.

  10. This is NSFW. lol!

  11. Sure, it’s embarrassing, but Tas’ “I like doing it this way because it feels like someone else is doing it” is an insta-classic.

  12. Brilliant line.

    I also love around the 1:24 mark when it sounds like M.J. says, “Little Tas.” KILLS ME.

  13. Amazing ! The best yet !! OMG that was hilarious.

  14. That was incredible.

  15. why does nobody exploit the EVER so obvious “working the pole” and “hands on the pole” type of jokes. MORE PENIS JOKES, come on guys. friggin hilarious, tas you are a winner. Trey has an excellent point about tas’ someone else line too, reminds me of the stranger.

  16. “Everybody wants to see a hairy 180-pound Greek man work that pole”. They sure do.

  17. Holy crap, MJ! I have a new appreciation for strippers because that pole dancing looks hard as fuck!

  18. Peek a boo… classic

  19. Hahaha, that was awesome!

  20. The most disturbingly awesome thing I have ever seen…I have to go rinse my eyes out with alcohol now. One Tas, One Pole should have been the title..Great work guys!

  21. What’s Bikini Bootcamp?

  22. that’s the most ridiculous & hilarious thing that I’v seen on your show guys ! and Im
    watching it for over 2 years time now : DDD

    I dont know who;s idea it was…. but just brilliant !

    cheers from Poland, and take good care about our Polish Hammer ! : )))

  23. Tas, you’re Greek, do you know the word “pousti”? Just kidding, of course, this was hilarious, but come on Tas, we all know you loved this!

  24. Hilariously disturbing! J.E. is in for something bad!

  25. That was hilarious. I’m curious if this video will come up during All-Star Weekend’s player interviews?

  26. I was just staring at the chick, trying to prevent myself from…HAVIN’ A RONI! :o)

  27. this was bad , nobody wants to see this shit

  28. Dear God…….

  29. As with the daily show, Matty-O cackling in the background adds to the experience. Nice boa.

  30. I think this was by far the best book off payoff.

  31. Missed a perfect opportunity for an “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!” at the end there.

  32. There were so many things that were wrong in that one… but witnessing Tas’ peekaboo needs to be severely repressed….

  33. i probably shouldn’t have watched this at work…

  34. The place is called flirty girl fitness for a reason. Little Tas.
    I will never look at the game peekaboo the same ever again,

  35. …. nuh uh. Did that really happen?

  36. This is typical of celebrity pole dancing. No nudity.


  37. LOL @ The ‘Nightmare Fuel’ tag for this post. I wonder how many more times you will use that tag in the future ??

  38. hahah “…what’s a soul patch?” actually made me lol

  39. you can’t unwatch this shit lol

  40. how are you ever going to top that ? ROFL

  41. [...] do something humiliating. We call it our Book-Off Payoff.Well, I won the month of February — again. You’re welcome.********* Subscribe to the video show on iTunes | Download the .m4v directly [...]

  42. Tas, when Amin first showed me this, I was seriously ROFLMAO, and it is now officially my forever go-to video whenever I need a good laugh! Love it!

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