On today’s show, Skeets and Tas finally announce their 2011 NBA All-Star Reserves. Are Kevin Love and Blake Griffin All-Stars despite being on losing teams? Do LaMarcus Aldridge and/or Joe Johnson make the cut, or was it all a little too late for them? And should four Celtics realistically make the East squad? All that, plus a long list of snubs, a heated defense vs. offense argument and the ‘Melo mess.

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Comments (36)

  1. Hey TBJ,
    i agree with you guys on having the All Star game be like it is on the blacktop where theres two captains and they pick but instead of just choosing two people why not have the players that get the most votes get to be captains. i kno for this all star game it would be kind of whack since yao ming i believe is the #1 vote getter in the west but it still works.

  2. manu is actually averaging a career high in minutes with 31.5. still not a lot of minutes compared to many other star players but I just wanted to say this

  3. I burst out laughing at “3 broken ankles.” Wesley Matthews is so awesome that he can break 3 of his 2 ankles — in one game! Go WM!

  4. Agreed on the mixing-up east and west selection pools. Everyone’s struggling to justify their wildcard picks in the East.

  5. Tas/Skeets…Have you learned nothing from the experiences of Scott Carefoot?

  6. Kevin Love doesn’t play defense, he plays for rebounds. Smart for his financial security b/c it’s going to get him paid, but bad for his team b/c his lack of defense loses his team games. LMA plays both offense AND defense.

  7. No Monta Ellis in the west?

  8. Thank you for giving Nash some love.. he’s having a season on the level of his MVP seasons, only no one is paying attention because the Suns aren’t pace for 60 wins anymore.

    Seriously, he might set a career high in PER this year, that’s how good he’s been.

  9. The West just has too many great players, whereas the East has few great players.
    Makes it way too difficult for players in the West to make it to the All-Star game, which definitely sucks for them cause there are some who deserve it more than those in the East.

  10. East : The four Celtics, Horford and Joe Johnson I’ll say Joakim Boozer like someone on TNT did.
    West : Westbrook, Gasol, Aldridge, Blake Griffin, D-Williams, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Zach Randolph.

    I’d like to see Stephen Jackson in there but it obviously won’t happen.

    How could you guys not apply the “crappy first month” rule to Chris Bosh? He’s not an All-Star this year, period.

  11. How they made “The Social Network”:


    (4 parts)

  12. The lack of Nene is criminal here. Scoring efficiency is more important than volume. The guy scores 15 a game (almost 18 per 36) on 64% shooting (.689 TS%, which is like .65 higher than Nash), and they NEVER run plays for him!

  13. Agreed with you guys on most picks… Thought you both had good arguments for Nash and Timmy D…
    Still, the Spurs were also rewarded for their 1st place by Pop being the coach for the West team (even ‘tho he doesn’t give a fuck)… And he’s a big part of why they’re winning.

    But if you go with Nash, when is he gonna play? He hassomething like 5 players ahead of him (Paul, Kobe, D-Will, Westbrook and Manu)

    And your West team could use a “real” center…
    I mean: Timmy D is a big guy. Bigger than Pau, Griffin, Love or Nowitzki… Well, plays bigger at least, and facing Dwight and Amaré it could come in handy.

    So I’d go with Duncan for sheer strategy. Him not missing his first ASG comes as a great bonus.

    On the East, I feel you’re light on guards with only 4 and only 2 PGs… So I guess I’d have to go with Harris even ‘tho I don’t really like his game as a passer. I don’t really like him overall, but then again, I don’t like Joe Johnson either. I’m kinda stuck here.

    So I’ll go with Iguodala without having seen anything from him this year. He’s always spectacular, and he’s a good and willing passer. His numbers seem down, but it’s mostly because they use him less. he’s up in %s and TS%, he has a better defensive rating.
    He plays a minute less, but has a whole turnover per game less than last season!

    Not freaky numbers, but he looks like he’s playing great 3rd banana to nobody.

    So my picks: same as Tas except Iggy in the East.

  14. I agree completely with Tas’ picks for the West team. Albeit, I’ll give Skeets that Nash will be the biggest snub. He’d have made it if Phoenix had a better record.

    Not so much with the East squad. Agree with Skeets on 5, but I think 4 for one team is too many. So instead of Allen and Chris Bosh (come on! WTF?), Joe Johnson and Felton, rewarding the Knicks a little bit, no?

  15. Raymond Felton?! Ha! Good one!

  16. So, Bogut can’t be an all-star because you have to have both offense and defense, but Love can be despite the fact that he might be the worst defender on a woefully bad defensive team (see his on/off numbers – the Wolves are better defensively without him).


  17. Can’t use defense or record as an argument for Nash if Blake and Love make it.

  18. since it doesnt have to be a center who replaces yao, I hope Stern picks Dirk as a replacement. He deserves to start more than gasol. doesnt matter that the game is in la

  19. @ Jules

    Huge Knicks fan here, but Ray should not and will not make the team. He had a scorching hot start but the dude is shooting at a 42/33 clip. In the month of January, he was shooting 37/29 netting 15 points on 15 field goal attempts per game. Not exactly efficient right htere.

    @ Barachat

    As much as I like Noah, I don’t think he’ll be healthy enough in time for the all-star game.

  20. Maybe Danny Granger and DJ Augustin as East mini-snubs, couple of pretty handy players doing good things.

    Harris and Lopez have been pretty good though, think they deserved better than the brush off you guys gave them.

  21. Ha ha ha, Community! Hello China, Hello Kitty! ROFL
    Dirk the Jerk, NUMB#RS! Nice sexy pink background, but LMA ftw! Spurs as a team are bonkers, but Duncan has shitty stats. No Lifetime Achievement Awards, please. Nash is my boy, but LMA is keeping the Frail Blazers afloat in the Playoff race in the West. I’ll pass on Boozer 25 hours/8 days. Where is Josh Smith? I’d probably pass on Bosh, LeBitch and Dwyane are carrying the Heat.

  22. @Alan: I’m Ron Burgundy? KLove needs a supporting cast of wing defenders in the backcourt. The defensive rebound stops the opposing team’s possession, and NUMB#RS is tops in DREB. It’s nice we share the same affinity for LMA, however :o)

  23. Every game night, Thibs has to contemplate sitting Boozer in crunch time because his defense is that bad this year. I’d say Boozer’s awful D counterbalances Bogut’s awful O, and the tiebreaker goes to Bogut due to games played. Note that I’m only using games played as a tiebreaker.

  24. Z-bo is a huge snub…..way bigger then LMA I think. I understand the Duncan respect pick….but Z-bo should be there man. He’s dominant every night.

    I don’t understand people taking issue with the 4 Celtics in the East. This might be Pierce’s 2nd best year ever. Garnett is looking similar to how he did in 2008. Ray’s numbers are damn impressive. These three aren’t respect picks in my mind. Who in the East should be there instead?

    I assume nobody takes issue with Rondo making it.

    Forget about Felton. I think if anything Devin Harris is the one who is a snub, but he’s not even close. That East is real easy.

    Also, Perk is the beast. Dwight is superman.

  25. LaMarcus Aldridge cares not for your West reserves.

  26. My Boozer lacks ‘D’ comments aren’t my defining argument. He’s been acceptable on defense when I’ve watched. Playing in only 60% of his team’s games and joining said team after it had established its identity is what stands out in my head.

    As for the west, it was not easy leaving off LMA. I’m still struggling with it ’cause he is really thriving.

  27. LMFAO Tas you dancing is amazing, I feel a little special now! The cork-screw-peek-a-boo oh my such grace!

    Just discovered you guys over here in the UK thanks for making my days 20 minutes easier.

    Been a clippers fan for years, shame even with the talent we have we will still not progress with Baron at the helm.


  28. Random thought: The East All Star Starters are probably the most athletic starters in an all star game of all time. Agree?

    that cadence was obviously from Tim and Eric

    Great Job!

  30. Bosh would not even be close to making the all-star team if he was in the west. only forward from east that would make it in west is lebron and probably amar’e. since east has no forwards, bosh and kg had to make it. dont think kg should make it, should be josh smith

  31. Surprised you guys didn’t even mention Luol Deng’s name for all-star snubs. He’s 6th in the league in minutes played and is probably the most important defender on the best defense in the NBA. He’s avg 17.8 pt 6.2 rebounds and shooting 36% from 3 on the team tied for the 2nd best record in the East.

    where’s the love? not saying he should make the team but at least he should be considered as much as felton

    but great job either way

  32. @ (pretty much) everyone: ok, I take back my Felton pick. Ray Allen made it and it makes sense, especially when you look at his resume, etc. (kind of like the Duncan pick).

    Felton still putting up 17 pts, 4 reb and 9 asst, but I honestly think he’s terrible (look no further than the Charlotte-Orlando series last year). I just figured he could make it by default, if the coaches didn’t want to give Boston 4 reserves.

  33. Wilson Chandler over Joe Johnson. Hasn’t the ‘Johnson All Star Experiment’ already been conducted? To a tune of.. 4 GP with 6 PPG and 1.3 APG

  34. More Community references plz. Kthx

  35. Yeah. three times the a word. thank you skeets.

  36. hey, so what about monta ellis, hes putting up crazy number and is carrying that warriors team to almost a 500 record, and his scoring has been insane, i know he can shoot a lot sometimes, but more than not, its cause he has to, what do you think?

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