Not a lot of variety tonight — just three games — but some seriously important matchups. It’s like they say, “Quality over quantity.” Good saying. Fitting saying. Real saying.

Miami Heat at Orlando Magic / San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Lakers
These are tied for game of the night status because they’re both excellent and they play at different times so you’ll be able to watch both in their entirety. And that’s exactly what you should do. Good, entertaining teams playing games that matter — that’s what we live for, right? Right.

Milwaukee Bucks at Golden State Warriors
Or this. Either way.

Community (NBC — 8pm ET)
“Dungeons and Dragons” episode tonight, which is perfect for all you nerds out there. Word to the nerds.

Good Burger (ABC Family — 8pm ET)
This is a terrible movie but it did give us the quote, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?” That’s a very fun thing to say when you’re eating a hamburger, and I think the VHS tape of this was orange. Could be wrong about that, though. Either way, word up to Russ Tyler.