Philadelphia 76ers 106, New Jersey Nets 92
11 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists for Jrue Holiday. That’s his first career triple-double and those 10 boards ties his career-high in rebounds. He has nothing left to play for. Might as well retire at 20.

Indiana Pacers 112, Cleveland Cavaliers 112

Atlanta Hawks 100, Toronto Raptors 87
The Raptors didn’t get to Atlanta until yesterday morning, which kind of killed any chance they had at winning. Plus, as the AP notes, they had to check in to the same Indianapolis hotel three times, which begs the question: why did they check out at all?

Charlotte Bobcats 97, Detroit Pistons 87
39 points on 26 shots for Steven Jackson, and a 14 and 10 double-double for Kwame Brown. On the night, that’s a loss and two players Detroit hates who had good games in the Palace. Rough.

Dallas Mavericks 113, New York Knicks 97
Six straight wins for the Mavericks, who have inched back up to third in the Western Conference standings. The Knicks, meanwhile, have lost seven of their last 10 and are basically guaranteed no better than the sixth seed in the East. Sounds about right, actually.

Memphis Grizzlies 102, Minnesota Timberwolves 84
The Grizzlies are now two games over .500, good for their best record of the season. Kind of didn’t want to mention it and accidentally jinx it, but whatever.

Oklahoma City Thunder 104, New Orleans Hornets 93
43 points on 19 shots for Kevin Durant. Let that sink in. More than two points per shot, which is insane. Of course, he’s no Willie Burton. Obviously.

Houston Rockets 97, Utah Jazz 96
One split-second, the Utah Jazz are inches away from a game-clinching steal. The next split-second, Kevin Martin’s hitting a wacky layup to tie the score while getting fouled. Then, next thing you know, he’s making a free throw to win the game. Then, after that, the Jazz were sad.

Denver Nuggets 109, Portland Trail Blazers 90
Playing at home, the Nuggets are one of the best teams in the league. Last night they played at home, which was bad news for Portland as you can probably tell by the final score. 21-5 at the Pepsi Center for Denver, fourth best home record in the league.

Phoenix Suns 92, Milwaukee Bucks 77
Milwaukee has lost 23 straight games in Phoenix. That’s like the Washington Wizards but only in one place and over the course of almost 24 years. Advantage Bucks, I guess.

Chicago Bulls 106, Los Angeles Clippers 88
Blake Griffin may have won the battle, but the Chicago Bulls won the war. No worries, though — sometimes winning the battle is really cool.