Whoops, Dwight Howard, you just mocked LeBron James on national television right before a game against LeBron James. That’s a sure-fire way to get put on the enemies list and get your team lit up to the tune of 51 points.

Want proof? How about this little video of LeBron’s perfect start.

That’s 11-11, mostly on Hedo Turkoglu, but also a little bit on Earl Clark, Quentin Richardson, Jason Richardson and — look at that — Dwight Howard. The only Magic LeBron didn’t score on was David Blaine’s stupid “do something for a long time” tricks.

And that’s just the first quarter and a quarter. You know, immediately after Dwight’s jokey-jokes. Maybe next time, Dwight, don’t rile him up right before the game’s about to start. Just a suggestion.

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  1. Dwight is an idiot. He’s not even funny. Painfully awkward Christian humour never wins. Especially when the Heat beat them by 20+ points last time, and always stood a good chance of doing it again. Take the piss when your team wins an important game mate…

  2. Elbow jumpers, fallaways and open threes – Bron out-Pierced the Truth in that sequence.

  3. Don’t turn into a douche Dwight.

  4. Man the way Dwight was defending LeBron on the perimeter was just absolutely horrible. Look at how many layups and dunks LeBron got too.

  5. Dwight should kill this team inside what will it take for someone to finally light a fire under his butt? Scary proposition seeing Lebron work in the post like that, god help us all if he develops a real live post game..

  6. This is what happens when you don’t learn from the mistakes of Chris Bosh’s ex-girlfriend.

  7. In general if your going to mock someone at least dominate your aspect of the game. I mean that last highlight of Dwight losing the rebound to Lebron is pathetic. Was that Dwight being lazy, or Lebron actually having a post game?

  8. How come there are no commentator voices in the video? You can hear the crowd and the squeaking sneakers…. it’s awesome!

    Where can I find this channel?

  9. Orlando needs to get Peaches back, he would fuck LePain away.

  10. Defense wasn’t actually that bad. There is really nothing you can do when a guy like Lebron gets hot with his jumper. You still can’t close out real tight cause the guy is really good at getting to the hole. Guy is a talent. Nothing you can do.

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