Miami Heat 104, Orlando Magic 100
LeBron James is really, really good at basketball. Like as good at basketball as anybody has been at anything. He is the Michael Jordan of being good at basketball. His line last night — 51 points on 25 shots, 11 rebounds and 8 assists. No bigs.

San Antonio Spurs 89, Los Angeles Lakers 88
One of the first things you learn at any summer basketball camp is to box out the 36-year-old with mangled knees in a last second tip-in situation. It’s one of the fundamentals of basketball. Someone should have told the Lakers.

Golden State Warriors 100, Milwaukee Bucks 94
‘Twas a blessed night of hoops that even two sub-.500 teams couldn’t help buy play a game that featured nine ties and 22 lead changes. Plus, hilariously, Carlos Delfino and Ersan Ilyasova scored a combined 43 points on 44 shots. Relax, bros.