It’s February, Jonesers. In the NBA that means Hardwood Classics Month, a tradition as storied and celebrated as National Bird-Feeding Month. And while you might not be nursing juncos in your backyard, if you’re watching basketball you’ll see a few teams sporting retro jerseys. The first we’ve seen — both of which debuted over the weekend — are the Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks.

The Warriors’ jerseys honor their 1974-75 NBA championship and are very, very yellow. The Bucks’ jerseys honor their 1970-71 NBA championship and are very, very white. They’re both nice looking uniforms, for sure. But which is better?

If you ask me — and, I’m guessing, most people — I’ll choosing the Warriors. The yellow is awesome, the design is super cool and extra bright unis like those look great in HD. An easy choice, even though I prefer their throwbacks from last year. The Bucks’ are nice, and the OG deer head is excellent, but these are quite similar to the uniforms Milwaukee usually wears. They’re good, but the yellow Golden State look is tops.

A couple big shots of the uniforms after the jump. Let’s hear what you think.

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  1. Golden State Warriors has probably best jerseys in NBA history…. what about this one:

  2. BUCKS. It’s a pity they couldn’t wear them against the Warriors last week. Eric Freeman likened the mash-up of new uniforms to watching an Oakland A’s game, and nobody wants that.

  3. there ain’t much special goin on with those bucks jerseys, they don’t even look any different to me.

  4. I’m just waiting for the green ‘Big Buck’ jerseys from ’97.

    This NEEDS to happen again!!

  5. I’m with NDP on the jerseys from ’97.

    I have to go with the GSW jawns. Clean, nostalgic look. Al Attles can dig it.

  6. GSW.

    [What, this comment was too short? I mean, GSW, 'nuff said here.]

  7. Bucks Jersey is so much better than that ugly yellow. Bucks jersey looks clean and retro, not out of date

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