Ep. 660: Fly Like A Vogel

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas hit you with the NBA weekend’s winners and losers. On the up and up: Frank Vogel and the Pacers, the Mavericks’ consistent play, Westbrook’s 3-point shooting, a suddenly active Rip Hamilton, and Al Horford’s comments. On the low and low: the Cavs (surprise, surprise), new ‘Melo-to-New York rumors, the Magic, and this. All that, plus seven-layer dips, B-Ball Picks shits and a slick, new TBJ mural.

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Comments (21)

  1. By the way, no sound needed for Kim Kardashian’s Skechers commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX-0p6RqDxY

  2. Skeets’ “ridiculous” at the end of Chloe and Lamar is pure gold!

    I could feel the hate!

  3. I bought like 300 pairs of Shape-Ups after the game last night.

  4. That WAS beautiful.

  5. (The KK thing. Lamar’s ad was an abomination)

  6. No love for the warriors? They beat the bulls and hold rose to 14 points on 15 shots. Cmon now.

  7. Nice mural! Which player is on the bottom left?

  8. I like the german language pun in the title.

  9. Love the mural… but the placement is a bit weird unless Taz is supposed to be viciously dunked on throughout the show.

  10. You forgot to include Amare`s push-up stat line in Whoa Boy.

  11. My buddy and partner in blogging crime is going to Mavs Cavs tonight. He is pretty excited to see the Cavaliers put on the most epic fail in history. It will be a funny win for the Mavericks. You would think that the scheduling would be better though. We just had the super bowl here, why not have a better team in town so that people would want to stick around and spend more money?

  12. I also wonder what Kris Humphries thinks about that shape ups ad.

  13. Why do you think he’s playing so well this season? Shape-Ups, duh. He’s totally on-board with whatever they do.

  14. Sadly after spending the season to date just out side of the BBJ top 10, I have joined Tas in the “What time is it?” club. Weather was great so I went for a bike ride. Came back and was in the shower when 7pm came, and passed. Damn you, ncie weather. I felt the shame of 100 Flirty Men-Girls.

  15. That was the best Super Bowl commercial by far (then I’d give the Darth Vader kid 2nd).

    It feels dangerous to me to declare the Magic irrelevant amongst the talk of Eastern conference contenders, but it sure has looked that way lately. If Arenas is injured they need to sit him out and get him healthy because they can’t ride Jameer in the postseason, they’ll need Gilbert to perform.

    This stretch is brutal for the Celtics. Mavs, Magic, Lakers, and Heat from Friday to Sunday (with the cats thrown in tonight). It would be nice to take all of those (besides the Mavs obviously).

  16. That Unbreakable ad begs for parody. Maybe more than 1 way. Two jump to mind. Pick any former NBA couple that ended on a vicious note and make it a scent that captures the animosity and hatred or go with Greg Oden and some groupies and call it Breakable – the scent that captures the fragile nature of being a 7 footer.

  17. Basketbawful calls it the “dead coach bounce” – teams play better after switching coaches until people stop focusing on them. That could be the pacers. Could even be the Cavs at the beginning of the year.

    Just sayin’

  18. the shapeups i meant as the best…not the unbreakable.

  19. i think matt and his maniacal giggle is definitely killer material. lock the doors while on holidays…

  20. golden opportunity missed!
    Shoulda opened the show with: Episode Sid Sixeiro! February 7, 2011 etc…

  21. How many times did one of you forgot to pick games over the weekend? This is getting ridiculous. The daily bockoff was a lot more competitive… bring it back

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