“He is who he is,” Jackson said. “We’re not going to make him into Garnett. He’s not going to go around punching guys [below the belt].”Phil Jackson, explaining the minute differences between Pau and KG

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  1. as usual, PHIL JACKSON wins!

  2. “GRAB some BUDS!” Hands open, Pau, hands open!

  3. Kevin Garnett’s punch was definitely all ball though…

  4. That was a low blow Phil.

  5. “…definitely all ball though” hahahahahaha!!!

  6. Phil Jackson wishes Paul Gasol was KG. And Gasol better watch it on Thursday I am pretty sure KG haven’t forget his comments last year and the five stitches he got last time they met. So Gasol better show up ready to play. But again we have a whole basketball
    TEAM and not only a good player.( I kind feel bad for Kobe)

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