We don’t care that Spurs power forward Matt Bonner is currently out recovering from a knee injury. The pride of Concord, New Hampshire and Canada’s favorite “Sandwich Hunter” deserves a spot in the NBA’s Three-Point Shootout over All-Star Weekend in L.A. So make it happen, David Stern! Gosh!

(Note: Big thanks to @CardboardGerald for remixing Pedro’s poster for us. Great work.)

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Comments (8)

  1. Get Aaron Rodgers out of here.

  2. Skeets has more hops than Tas in the doorway jump. Revealing.

  3. this is incredible. great job guys.

  4. There are more corridors at TBJ HQ then I expected. Awesome video.


  6. I want a Vote for Bonner tee…NOW!!!!!

  7. This is pure gold. Get Bonner on the Overdose please.

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