The NBA is not messing around in this football-free landscape. Eight games tonight, stretching from right off work until right before bed. Way to capitalize, dudes.

Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors
The Dubs are coming off three straight wins, including one against the Bulls. The Suns just finished a week where they beat the Celtics, Hornets and Bucks while almost besting the Thunder. So, these teams are playing well, plus they score a lot and are fun. Works for this guy.

Los Angeles Lakers at Memphis Grizzlies
Memphis has won eight of their last 10, but those have been against mostly bad teams. Even though they beat the Magic a week ago, this is a kind of prove something game. Ergo, they should try to prove something. Namely, that they are a good team.

Chicago Bulls at Portland Trail Blazers
Wouldn’t surprise me a lick if this was the best game of the night. These are good teams, both who will be rested. Plus, LaMarcus Aldridge always plays well against the Bulls. And that’s without factoring in the post-snub motivation, which is coincidentally the title of Young Jeezy’s next mixtape.

Houston Rockets at Denver Nuggets
Playing in Denver means we get a chance to watch the good Nuggets. I like the good Nuggets.

Utah Jazz at Sacramento Kings
Just a hunch, but something interesting is going to happen during this game. DeMarcus Cousins will probably eat a churro on the bench or something.