Kathy “That Girl Who Sang Nate Robinson’s Tweets That One Time” Anderson has both an unwieldy nickname and a new video, which you see right above this sentence. It’s called “Griffin’s Theatre,” it’s heavily Auto-Tuned and it’s sung from the point of view of a net at the Staples Center who has been repeatedly dunked on by Blake Griffin and just wants a hug. Seriously.

Between the Gondry-esque cutouts, a reference to the time Amar’e Stoudemire nodded at Blake after a dunk, and when a huge dude in a tiny Clippers jersey flies across the screen, this is good stuff. Hands down the best song I’ve ever heard from the perspective of a net. No contest.

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  1. “worst rim job ever”, WTF did i just watch?

  2. you know… it’s times like these that make me realize time and time again that the internet is actually an awesome thing.

  3. ughhh this reminds me of that shitty canadian hip hop from back in the day

  4. This is not her best work… But I would watch anything she is in. Hot chicks in Canada? Who knew?!?

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