Indiana Pacers 105, New Jersey Nets 86
One of the good things about being a basketball fan on Super Bowl Sunday is that you have an entire morning/afternoon filled with games that you get to watch instead of an hours-long pregame show. One of the bad things is that one of those games might be a blowout between two teams that are a combined 28 games below .500. Still, net positive.

Miami Heat 97, Los Angeles Clippers 79
Yeah, the Clippers really miss Eric Gordon. In the nine games he’s been out, the Clips are 3-6 and have been held under 100 points four times. Oh, and when they had EJ — easily the NBA’s most confusing-on-the-surface nickname — they beat the Heat by six. So, basically, math says he’s worth at least 24 points, which is his per game season average. Math knows everything.

New York Knicks 117, Philadelphia 76ers 103
41 for Amar’e Stoudemire, tying his season-high in pointsies. Also, his first 41-point outing came against a team that started with “Ph,” as he hung that many on his old Suns buddies. Apparently Amar’e hates testing the acidity and basicity of chemical solutions.

Boston Celtics 91, Orlando Magic 80
In 2011
, the Magic have lost games to the Hornets, Thunder, Celtics, Bulls, Heat and Celtics again. Their one “quality” win was against a Nowtizki-less Mavericks team that played Brian Cardinal, Ian Mahinmi and Alexis Ajinca in the same 10-point game. Not saying the Magic aren’t contenders, but they might not be contenders.