On today’s show, Skeets and Tas hit on the Bulls/Blazers (Aldridge’s F.U. All-Star Snub Game, ‘Dre getting to the line, Rose’s defense), the Celtics/Bobcats (Coach Silas rewarding the young kids, Rondo’s lackadaisical play, Ray chasing history), the Lakers/Grizzlies (Vegas’ dumb line, bloody noses, L.A. momentum), and, well, the poor Cleveland Cavaliers. All that, plu— no, that’s about it. Enjoy.

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Comments (12)

  1. I know nobody watches the Cavs (they make me feel good about my Pistons, which is hard to do), but not mentioning Sessions ONCE is egregious. You guys should know better. Not only was he relevant for last night’s game (19/6/13 is a WHOA BOY on some nights), he’s easily the best healthy guy on that team right now (18.0 PER, averaging a 20/10 in February despite no one worth passing to). I feel awful for him, because he managed to make it out of Kahn’s wide-awake nightmare in Minnesota, where Rambis had him playing SG next to Jonny Flynn, only to somehow end up in an even worse situation.

    He’s a hell of a lot better than Hickson, who is actually one of the worst guys on that team — he has a NEGATIVE WS/48, which is borderline impossible for a guy that’s played as many minutes as he has. Hickson’s good the same way Wilson Chandler is a star player.

  2. Dwyer predicted that the Cavs would trade all their good players to rebuild, and only win 12 games.

    Ironically, they are going to come awfully close to that 12 win total WITHOUT blowing up their team.

  3. Yes indeed, Blazers fans are confused. But in a good way! How great to have two All-Stars (sorta) to deploy. We hope.

    We want Roy to take the time needed to heal –as much as he’s going to– and are trusting to Nate to make sure he doesn’t get back out there too soon. Please, Nate!

    We also know Roy’s coming back to a totally different team, and that reintegration could be tricky. So it’s maybe good to start a little of that process as soon as practicable.

    We haven’t missed the incredibly solid contribution of Andre Miller, either, and we’re all abuzz about the challenges of reconfiguring AGAIN. #AllDreAllDay

    We aren’t used to having even an adequately populated active roster and are absolutely swooning over the possibility we’ll get Marcus Camby and Brandon Roy back *at the same time*?!? Whaaaaatt?

  4. Why the shot at Target, Tas? They are far less evil than Wal-Mart.

  5. What is the name of the song in the closing credits? It sounds sexy. Seductive

  6. @DTF: The song is called “Beach Girls” but we get it from a service The Score subscribes to called APM and there is no artist listed. We really don’t know how to give you instructions in finding it on the web. If you do find it, let me know how you did it (no need to tell us about all the sex you have while listening to it though).


  7. Doc really likes closing out games with that lineup (rondo pierce ray KG and big baby). Big Baby has been great, but there’s no doubt that was a shitty screen he set at the end. But, that’s what they get for dicking around all night….they never should have been in that position in the first place.

  8. What if I don’t want to embrace the day?

  9. Nice coverage of the Blazers/Bulls! And LOL @ Ray Allen to break 3 point record against Lakers with Reggie Miller with the call!!

  10. Embrace the gay people!

  11. Are you guys really going to take credit for this? I mean, they were 7-10. Lost to the Heat, but then got back some of their confidence and played some close losses. Beat NY. Had some more close losses and lost to the teams they shouldn’t beat L.A., Jazz, etc. Then they lose Varejao. 55 point loss. They lose Mo a couple games later in the Denver debacle and they’ve been on a steady decline with more and more injuries as time goes by and have been competing more as those people have trickled back in. Looking and seeing that Manny Harris and Samardo Samuels are actual contributors on a regular basis should make you not even want to say I told you so. Seems like you’re more interested in being right than accounting for the random variables in any basketball game that hustle and a hot night can do for an NBA team with good enough shooters that the Cavs have when healthy and not D league players with Jamison and Sessions with no frontline to account for.

  12. What’s the name of the rap song in the middle of the show? Thanks :)

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