“It’s all Boooooooooooz to me.”Carlos Boozer, on what he expects during his return to Utah

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  1. I’m a die-hard Chicago fan. I love my Bulls. That said, the last couple of games, I’ve found myself hating Boozer. I think I hate him.

    The way he doesn’t contest shots, just tries to swipe when they pull up for the shot. (mind you, failing, and fouling)

    The way he wants the rebound tally so much that he will snatch the rebound away from someone that is clearly a teammate.

    Make this feeling stop

  2. Ask Utah fans, that ain’t stopping.

  3. Jazz fan here. It ain’t stopping. While with the Jazz I loved/hated Boozer. His offensive game is phenomenal…possibly underrated now that he’s gone and we’re more removed from the situation.

    The only scenario in which I saw Boozer’s MASSIVE defensive liabilities as not as big of a deal would be w/ a good defensive center. Noah is that guy…

    But that’s not guarantee. And no matter how much Thibs talks to him he’s not going to start contesting/blocking shots.

  4. Maybe they’re saying Boooooooooozer?

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