On today’s show, Skeets and Tas take their sweet ass time to discuss the Pacers/Heat (Spoelstra’s defensive switches, LeBron’s ho-hum MVP play, Indy’s five-seconds violation), the Grizzlies/Thunder (OKC’s clueless late game possessions), and that Sixers/Hawks gong show. All that, plus a look at the Three-Point Shootout snubs, an Arenas rant, and your shitty NBA doodles. Get comfortable, people.

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Comments (25)

  1. gents, what if the hawks can snag nene this summer? oh wait, joe johson’s deal… nevermind. hypothetically, though, i think that would be a great snag.

  2. There’s no doubt James is still the best player in the NBA, but he’s just got too much help to be the most valuable. He’s doing it with another top ten talent and a genuine All Star – guys like Howard and Paul are doing it with bums like Arenas and Ariza.

  3. Glad to hear you talk about the Hawks. As a season ticket holder, you basically summarized what over half the fan base said last year about Joe Johnson. Doesn’t sell tickets, disappears in the playoffs, is number guy who built the numbers of years of running a system that highlights him and builds his numbers alone. We don’t see a trade coming at it depresses a lot of us.

    As for attendance, it’s hard to always show up for a team that is only 50-50 on playing with effort. I know you can’t always win the game, but when there is a high chance that you’ll leave the arena hating the effort and by extension the game.

    On the 3 point contest, I think they dropped the head-to-head because it watered down the exposure of the competitors in that round. In a league where individual player marketing is so important, you want a full clock in the spotlight for better or worse. If you participate in an event and get eliminated with no coverage it would be like getting killed off screen in a movie, just said.

  4. @drewski dwight has one of the deepest teams in the league and Arenas is a backup for them, meanwhile the Heat are starting Chalmers and Big Z. The Hornets on the other hand just aren’t good enough to warrant anyone winning an MVP.

  5. brandon roy doodle has the face of terrence williams

  6. @guhzelle

    The NBA is a league of best fives, maybe even best threes. There’s some nights James isn’t even the best player on the Heat – there’s never an occasion Dwight isn’t the best player on the Magic. And whilst the assertion they had the deepest team might have been accurate at the start of the season, it isn’t any more – they’ve got a thin front court and an aging, overrated backcourt.

  7. tyler hansbrough didnt miss a shot last night, 6-6 18 points…. just thought that was interesting

  8. “fuch off”! Ha!

  9. 3 “No doubt about that”s for Tas. I’ve noticed Skeets has started using it too.

  10. Jason Richardson was definitely snubbed.

  11. “Is that two in one?”

    … no. It’s barely even one.

    (Tas, darling, apologies.)

  12. Yeah, that’s two in one, but then again not even one.

    And that Brandon Roy looked like Oden…

  13. Lebron’s biggest competitor in the MVP race is not Paul or Rose, but voter apathy.

  14. stop the ghey zooming out of doodles

  15. ^ Is that a new way to say “gay”?

  16. Paul Pierce 3 point repeat…I’m already fired up.

  17. If you could measure intensity, Tony Allen and Nick Collison would have had a 4th quarter rating of +3000 each.

  18. so apparently, according to Al Ianazzone from the North Bergen Record in New Jersey, Morrow didn’t have enough makes to qualify:

    “We all thought Anthony Morrow was snubbed when he wasn’t selected for the three-point shootout. Turns out he didn’t have enough makes. You need 70 by Jan. 25 and he had 49. Remember, he missed 17 games with hamstring injury.”

  19. I think the biggest snub for the 3PT Shootout Contest was none other than Kyle Korver. He’s shooting 41%, holds the record for highest 3PT % in a season, and is a fan favorite with the laddies. Plus he’s a dead ringer for Ashton Kutcher, that’s got to have some kind of All-star rating appeal doesn’t it? http://ll-media.tmz.com/2008/01/03/0102_jazz_kutcher-1.jpg

  20. BTW, I’m enjoying the slightly longer run times for the show. 25 minutes works for me better than the older 20 minutes.

  21. affalo, bibby, and eddie house are my snubs for 3 pt. contest. i also think ben wallace should be there cuz hes 100% from 3. (vs. raptors) =P

  22. i’m old greg!

    greg oden that is…

  23. What about Nash for 3 point contest? Consistently, one of the best shooters in league history, and it’s not like he’s playing in the game on Sunday.

  24. It’s interesting to me that you guys aren’t mentioning the Carmelo to the Lakers rumor AT ALL.

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voRxaLL-nOQ&feature=related
    look at around 34 seconds and search the crowd

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