Let us all watch basketball with smiles upon our faces.

Chicago Bulls at Utah Jazz
Carlos Boozer might not like to think they’re booing him, but they’re definitely booing him. The Bulls sure could use a win tonight, but Utah’s tough at home. This seems like a great game waiting to happen.

Los Angeles Clippers at New York Knicks
Remember what happened the last time these teams played each other? More of that please.

Orlando Magic at Philadelphia 76ers
OK, this game will prove whether or not the 76ers are actually good or not, right? I hope so, because that has been bugging me all day.

Charlotte Bobcats at Indiana Pacers
Winner is in control of the Eastern Conference’s eighth playoff seed in the second week of February. Huge implications here.

Denver Nuggets at Golden State Warriors
Every time I’m excited for a game that involves either of these teams, it ends up disappointing. So, this is a cautious recommendation, but one that carries with it the hopes and dreams of a hoper/dreamer.