“A lot of times it’s tough to get up for games, but not when you’re playing with guys like Blake and DeAndre and guys who can get up above the rim and just give you that energy night in and night out,” Davis said. “I think they’re both a freak of nature. I think Blake is an alien and I think DeAndre is an alien.”Baron Davis, finally clarifying why DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin can jump so high

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  1. One of the most fun teams to watch, period.

  2. Baron Davis used to have trouble “getting up” for games? This is my shocked face.

  3. I don’t even think “used to” is the right term. More like, “still does.”

  4. “A lot of times it’s tough to get up for games” – Baron

    Alert the press! Set Twitter on fire! This is breaking news.

  5. DeAndre actually doesn’t jump that high. He’s just lanky as all hell.

  6. @William- don’t know if this is the best video, but it’s the most recent one i can think of. deandre does have hops to go with that lank.

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