Hard to tell, isn’t it? Stephen Jackson definitely looks like he got hit, but he also definitely looks like he was trying to lean in to Darren Collison in order to shoot some free throws. That’s a call refs have made a point of not calling over the past few seasons, virtually eliminating Derek Fisher’s entire offensive repertoire.

But to really get to the root of whether or not this was a foul, we should go to the maybe guilty party. So, Darren Collison, did you foul Stephen Jackson? His response, courtesy of the Associated Press:

“I didn’t feel like I fouled him,” Collison said. “I made a play and whatever happened, happened. I’m not answering that type of question because I hate lying.”

Either Darren Collison is a very honest man who would be ashamed if he were to say that he didn’t foul Jackson only to have the league declare that a foul should have been called. Or he has a guilty conscience and doesn’t want to incriminate himself.

Now that you have the evidence — a video clip of the incident and the alleged perpetrator exercising his fifth amendment rights by refusing to testify against himself — please carefully consider your verdict. Then let us know your decision, along with the proper punishment if any crime was committed, down in the comments.