Hard to tell, isn’t it? Stephen Jackson definitely looks like he got hit, but he also definitely looks like he was trying to lean in to Darren Collison in order to shoot some free throws. That’s a call refs have made a point of not calling over the past few seasons, virtually eliminating Derek Fisher’s entire offensive repertoire.

But to really get to the root of whether or not this was a foul, we should go to the maybe guilty party. So, Darren Collison, did you foul Stephen Jackson? His response, courtesy of the Associated Press:

“I didn’t feel like I fouled him,” Collison said. “I made a play and whatever happened, happened. I’m not answering that type of question because I hate lying.”

Either Darren Collison is a very honest man who would be ashamed if he were to say that he didn’t foul Jackson only to have the league declare that a foul should have been called. Or he has a guilty conscience and doesn’t want to incriminate himself.

Now that you have the evidence — a video clip of the incident and the alleged perpetrator exercising his fifth amendment rights by refusing to testify against himself — please carefully consider your verdict. Then let us know your decision, along with the proper punishment if any crime was committed, down in the comments.

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  1. Good no call. I fuckng hate when a player invades the defenders space, and whoa hey we all know Derek Fisher’s offensive game is entirely 3-pointers, and poorly attempted lay-ups.

  2. That should have been a foul. We all have seen less than that called. Collison even pulled his hands back like, “Whoops! Please, please, don’t call it!”

  3. I am normally with illmatic-1, in that I really don’t like the pump fake and jump forward into a guy for a call move that has become prevalent in basketball. But this wasn’t exactly that – Jackson went left of Collison and Collison came across Jackson’s body, banging into his arms – should have been a call on this one.

  4. See, I wouldn’t have much beef with the no-call had Shaun Livingston not been called for a foul even though he didn’t even touch Paul Pierce.

    But he was, so there’s kind of a standard set.

    Of course, Pierce wasn’t called for a flagrant for sending Gerald Wallace into the cheap seats, while Jackson some charged with the weakest flagrant in history on D-Wade, so wtf do I know about consistency and standards.

  5. How can he invade a defender’s space if the defender is moving backward?

  6. @Clay

    There you have it, the modern NBA and its “superstar” calls. Referees are biased, you know, they know, players know, David Stern knows they are. I’m not saying they’re lying scumbags, I do think they make the right calls 80 to 90 % of the time, but since they are in charge of a game, they control WHICH close calls they want to make. And if a player with a good reputation makes the exact same hard foul than Ron Artest, you know Ron Artest will get ejected and even suspended, whereas the other guy will get a normal foul.

    And some referees hate/dislike some players more. Like my GOOD FRIEND Joey Crawford and his irrational officiating (he’s by far the worst). You remember that time he ejected Tim Duncan for laughing. That was bananas. At least the league took action on that one.

    You should the read the SI piece about referee’s bias, it’s pretty good.

    On topic, that was a very close call, it looked like a foul but then again Stephen Jackson lunged into in defender. I think Captain Jack initiated contact, which would make this a right call. What’s not right though is that LeBron, Kobe, Wade, Pierce would all get this call in a heartbeat. Not so sure about Durant, since he got robbed last year in that great game against Utah.

  7. Phenomenal no-call. Don’t reward that kind of cynical play- Cap’n Jack didn’t even try to concentrate and make the shot- he just flailed his arms in histrionic outrage. Nobody should be able to win a game that way. Fouls are unlikely to be called in that situation anyway, but they should NEVER be called when a player is simply trying to be fouled and clearly not making a play to score.

  8. This really reminds of how much I hate Paul Pierce. He does this shit ALL. THE. TIME. Other players do it too: Derek Fisher (though it doesn’t get called as much), Kobe Bryant (though not as much as he used to), Dwyane Wade, Manu Ginobli and Stephen Jackson as evidenced above. But Pierce is the f’ing PICASSO of leaping into defenders for the foul. He’s shameless. It’s really one on a long, long list of reasons I hate PP.

  9. This is a foul and should have been called.

    If I were a bobcats fan I’d be pissed at the refs. If it were called and I were a Pacers fan, I think I’d just be pissed at Collison.

    Paul Pierce is a god.

  10. Defenders need to watch more tape. I don’t think doing this is the same as flopping. They’re moves that these guys practice. Defenders should be craftier/more athletic/better/smarter.

  11. Here’s the thing. What sort of shot was he taking? Just past half court he moves right, then cuts left. He catches Collison slightly flat footed. So, Jack takes two loping steps and goes into a motion of heaving the ball like a half-court shot. This is no Reggie Miller-style vertical leap, kicking out the legs into a leaning defender. It was just two bounding steps to be followed by what would have been an embarrassing 3-point “jack.” I’m with Martin above on this one. It was a cynical play. Jack was not even attempting to establish his usual shooting sequence.

  12. That’s not even the whole story.. He traveled. But I forgot, it’s the NBA so traveling doesn’t exist. Stephen Jackson, you lost, quit your whining…maybe you should tell Gerald Wallace to make his free throws and then you could have maybe done something in OT.

  13. Not a foul to me. Jackson leaned into him while Collison was moving backwards(even though he moved in front of him) and Collison wasn’t at all leaning in.

    It obviously could’ve been called though and that was a very risky situation Collison put himself in.

  14. uhh I’d also would like to disagree with the second comment. Once Collison realized he was too close he was already putting his hands back before jackson started “shooting”.

  15. I don’t buy this. You’re not going to call a foul because he wasn’t “concentrating and trying to make the shot”? Aren’t you trying to make every shot, even if it’s a rushed decision.

    As some commenters said, he caught the defender flat-footed, just like sometimes you catch the defender in the air. That means you’ve bested them… should be rewarded for that… my mind fouling like this means the defender did a poor job. Staying in position and controlling your body is part of being a good defender.

  16. If Paul Pierce gets a defender in the air, why wouldn’t he’ make sure that they get a piece of his shoulder as they shoot? If you don’t want it to happen, don’t leave your feet.

  17. eff that, obv no foul there. He fricken jumped on a player who is like 2 feet shorter >.>

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