Ep. 663: The Walking Dead

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas discuss how the Spurs are like zombies, the Jazz’s major defensive issue, Derrick Rose’s “Fast Don’t Lie,” Omer Asik’s hustle, the Nuggets’ curious late game decisions, Russell Oliver’s gold, Jus Fly’s halftime show, those creepy NBA “Encouragement” commercials, R.I.P. H.O.R.S.E., and cavemen.

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Comments (36)

  1. Today’s quote: If you ever have to pass gas in the company of loved ones, it’s ok, because it’s better to lose a friend, than to lose your intestines.

  2. btw the homer jazz announcer is David Locke, not John Locke. John Locke is that bald dude from Lost.

  3. How long does it usually take for these to hit Feedburner? It’s still stuck on Ep 662.

  4. greatest ending ever better than matt’s laugh. its like f bomb bonanza awesome

  5. I’ve seen more realistic crowd shots in pro wrestling video games than in that Curry “Encouragement” commerical.

  6. Thanks for giving us the actual quote Tas… although I think that shaky camera ending to the show is an instant classic!

  7. That was a hilarious ending. I’m happy you guys kept that footage.

  8. ^^
    & i predicted dorell wright over david west, still solid though

    also, the chris paul one is mad fake looking. i think the concept of the commercials is cool but overall it’s whatever

  9. Best. Ending. Ever.

  10. While you two were going off on how “homer” the Jazz announcers are, check out what the Bulls fans had to say at blogabull.com:

    “These Utah announcers are amazing.”

    “they are so unbiased, I wish these guys would replace Mark Jackson and JVG”

    “Wow classy announcers, praising Rose for shutting down DWill nothing like Funk”

    “Agreed I have a newfound respect for the Jazz. They do have very classy, unbiased announcers.”

    I don’t know what the hell you two were smoking, but I’d like some. Maybe it will restore my hope for the Jazz…

  11. David Locke is not pleasant to listen to.

  12. Great fucked up ending.
    And the Steve Nash one is the only cool one (well, I haven’t seen Curry’s and Paul’s ones, but if they are worse than Amaré’s, I can only imagine), I find that Durant one creepy too… The guy just seems shy, he doesn’t know what to do with his hands… Weird…

  13. I think I heard you sigh too, Matt

  14. i only watch games on league pass (which fucking sucks) but as bad as the encouragement commercials are, at least they beat the “jake stevens” spots… holy hell i had to see those 20 times a night for two months.

    p.s., is nash’s “dunk” in that commercial CGI?!?! hah

  15. Idea to improve HORSE: have a killer. If the shooter miss his attempt, he has to run, rebound and score before the next guy (the killer) scores the exact same shot (just one attempt). It makes it a lot more dynamic because the shooter have to take his rebound and score, and because the next player can give a letter making the shoot the previous player tried and missed … did you get it?
    Another idea, use a clock to make it faster, like 5 seconds to shot.
    The All Star HORSE was really boring.

  16. You’re right the NBA promo sucks. Even the russian one is better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX67xxR1vlI

  17. “Don’t beat a dead horse”, it made me laugh out loud in a silent library

  18. the best endings are normally when stuff goes wrong. i actually thought all the commercials were creepy. the big head NBATV commercials this year were more entertaining. do not have a horse competition. horse is only fun when you’re playing.

  19. Ha ha, you didn’t edit the end. Nash was hands down the best. Curry was solid (creepy was w/ that photo when he was a kid and Don Nelson behind him). Durant looked like a dumbass laughing. Amare’s was like a voyeur porn scene. Paul just didn’t care in that one.

  20. Guys, Demar actually did meet up with Jus Fly to practice some dunks and fail at doing a cartwheel. There’s a video on nba.com: http://www.nba.com/raptors/video/originals/index.html

  21. Andrew: To clarify, I meant the Jazz announcers were just being “homers” about the Kurt Thomas/AK47 mix up. (And they were.) Generally, I think they’re pretty solid.

  22. “Thats a fucking great quote you fucking dick..”..LMAO!

  23. That ending reminded me of the city fair quote Tas dropped a few years ago. “So much to do, so much to do.”

  24. Wow epic fucking ending. Love the idea for the new NBA commercials, sad to see the decline in them after I saw the Nash one. I hope they step up their commercial game for the playoffs.

  25. Skeets, fair enough. I just took exception that you singled out our commentators over say… those of Denver, who are horrific about this sort of thing. Sad times when I’ve more pride in the announcers than the team. But I still love you guys.

    But that’s neither here nor there now. I, like every other Jazz fan, now just need a hug. Sigh.

  26. the stephen curry promo is creepy, the kid wouldnt be watching a game w/ his dad ten yrs from that day is hes gonna be 20 yrs. old. the chris paul was sucks too, chris isnt even listening to the guy and theres a fail green screen effect. durant and nash promo are the best

  27. Great mention of Russell Oliver!
    Russell Oliver looks hilarious online.
    I love the pictures of him on Google Images.

  28. I agree that the Nash commercial is by far the best one. I’ve seen it at least 10 times and I still get chills when I watch it and smile when the kid says “You’re gonna love that shot in Phoenix.” Even if not executed great in all the commercials (I think the CP3 one is by far the worst), I still think the idea is great

  29. Thank you, Jones. I hate those commercials. They are definitely creepy and irritatingly bad, with the exception of the Nash one, which is ok.

    Also, agree with everyone here, ending was awesome. Tas had a lot of good quotes today (I didn’t get electricity until I was 18 years old; I just learned how to read today).

  30. The Kevin Durant one, great.
    The Steve Nash one, great.
    The Amare one……meh.
    Chris Paul one.. bad
    The Stephen Curry one had the potential to be good, especially when his dad points and goes “Stephen” toward the kids direction…. and then it’s alright…but then Stephen just turns back around and continues shooting while the kid is still talking….and then it feels like the kid is not really there again….and then it’s not good…

  31. Curry’s by far had the best footage, but they blew it.

  32. best. ending. ever.

  33. I heard the Matty O sigh too.

  34. Kevin – the kid is a time traveler. That’s the whole concept. Also, what’s wrong with a 20 year-old watching a game with his dad anyway?

  35. What was that song that was played in the end of the vid?

  36. just want to post to say i was dying laughing at the end of this. thanks for not cutting it out!

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