Now that Jerry Sloan has resigned from the Jazz — yes, really and yes, it’s weird — he’s going to find himself with all kinds of time on his hands to do all those activities he’s always wanted to do. But what, exactly, will Jerry Sloan be up to? We’ve got some great ideas…

  • Yelling.
  • Screaming.
  • Shouting.
  • Parting his hair on the other side of his head for at least a day.
  • Trading in his old tractors for even older tractors.
  • Finding out what happened to Robert “Tractor” Traylor.
  • Finally seeing what that band named after him is all about.
  • Teaching the flex offense to various farm animals.
  • Going to start a blog dedicated to reliving the half-season he coached Tom Gugliotta’s tattoo.
  • Might try a smile out, just to see how it feels.
  • Traveling somewhere exotic, like Wyoming.
  • Pogs.

There are about a million other things the legendary coach could do now that he has all this free time. Let’s hear ‘em down below.

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  1. #thankyoubaseedsloan

  2. #thankyoubasedsloan

  3. sewing 2 1/2 pairs of pants together to make gloves that actually fit

  4. Wow, this is feeling really weird, he was on the Utah sidelines for so long… And a little bit sad that he’s not leaving after another good season but in the middle of a disappointing one.

    Otherwise I bet he could go hunting a lot more now. And smiling too. I saw once a short doc about him and he looked really happy in the wild.

  5. take over as CEO of John Deere

  6. Finally trying on those pair of shorts John Stockton gave him as a gift.

  7. Maybe just get a place with Phil Jackson?

  8. I lol’d hard at “Pogs”. Damn I remember playing those like 15 years ago. Good times, or not, depending whether you lost or won.

    He could team up with Karl Malone to do some truckin’ and farmin’ down in good ol’ Louisiana.

  9. or he could apply for the job coaching at the U of Illinois

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