Orlando Magic 99, Philadelphia 76ers 95
Kind of feels like this was a good game for both teams. The 76ers proved they’re for real, playing one of the Eastern Conference’s best just about even on the second night of a back-to-back. The Magic beat what appears to be a good team on the road, also on the second night of a back-to-back. Good stuff.

Washington Wizards 100, Milwaukee Bucks 85
The Wizards have the third-worst record in the Eastern Conference, but if they could have won just a third of their road games they’d have the eighth seed. Weird.

Detroit Pistons 103, Cleveland Cavaliers 94
The Cavaliers are so bad that other teams are getting excited to see them take on the Wizards this coming Sunday. First it was LeBron, and then it was Tracy McGrady. Let’s just hope the Clippers hold up their part of the deal on Friday.

San Antonio Spurs 111, Toronto Raptors 100
28 points, 11 boards and 2 blocks for DeJuan Blair. Word to DeJuan Blair.

New Jersey Nets 103, New Orleans Hornets 101 OT
Last second misses by David West (in regulation) and Chris Paul (in overtime) were the main reasons the Hornets lost. That’s not a sentence you’ll read very often.

Indiana Pacers 104, Charlotte Bobcats 103
Well, it certainly looks like Darren Collison fouled Stephen Jackson, which would have meant three free throws for the Bobcats. And probably a win, which would have meant hanging on to the eighth playoff spot. So, pretty big no call.

Los Angeles Clippers 116, New York Knicks 108
The Knicks only have five wins in their past 15 games despite having nothing to do with Isiah Thomas. That’s what they call a conundrum.

Chicago Bulls 91, Utah Jazz 86
29 points, seven assists, three rebounds and just a single for Derrick Rose. I think it’s fair to give him the best point guard in the league crown — at least for just last night — considering Chris Paul’s follies and Deron Williams’ two turnovers in the final minute of this game.

Dallas Mavericks 102, Sacramento Kings 100
J.J. Barea has put up double-digit points in six of the Mavs’ last nine games, including 20 last night. He’s the best sub-6-foot Puerto Rican guard this league has ever seen.

Golden State Warriors 116, Denver Nuggets 114
Classic Nuggets decision making right here. Very well done.