“I know I can score 20 or 30 points anytime I want,” Vujacic said. “But I’m not that kind of a guy.”
Sasha Vujacic, who has zero career 30-point games and recently went 33 months between 20-point outings

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  1. I’m pretty sure Sasha was referring to his prowess in the Hoboken Youth Basketball League (HYBL).

    He does usually spread the ball around at the rec. center there. But when he gets hot, look out. There’s not an 11-year-old in the world that can shut him down.

  2. He’s the machine. He can do whatever the fuck he pleases.

  3. He can, but he’s not that kind of guy? Meaning the kind who actually produces on the floor. I get it. He has the ability, but not the desire. Check.

  4. He probably can… provided he plays 40+ minutes and gets up 30+ shots. Which is why he doesn’t… team player, yo.

  5. These are the best comments.

  6. I love the title and Sasha’s quote. That is the “Kobe can score 35 every night” argument in full glory except that this is even more false…he’s Sasha, not Kobe.

  7. With this confidence, imagine how good he would be on a good team. Oh wait…

  8. Calm down, guys, he was talking about tennis with Maria.

  9. didn’t skip make this guy cry

  10. I am mah-sheen. Boom-boom, picky-pow. Only Black Mamby can change my program to score 30 points in game.

  11. It’s that kind of overconfidence that led him to get Sharapova. If he was in his right mind or self-aware, no way would be have a shot. Making eye contact with her from the bench, in your warmups, with a hair contraception recommended by cheerleaders girding your head, as she sits in courtside seats isn’t the way to make an impression. But Sasha isn’t your regular schmoe.

  12. I think he means score 20-30 as in allow the person he’s guarding to score 20-30. This completely explains him waving Ray Allen towards the direction of the basket. So helpful, that Sasha.


  14. Yeah , yes he can. Yep of course hes such a talented player he could just get 30 points within 10 shots , hes that good (sarcastic voice*)

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