Due to a severe paper jam, we can’t show you our entire 22-minute television program from Thursday night. But what we can show you is our “All Shooters” edition of Crossfire, a star-studded Valentine’s Day salute, two — count ‘em, two — Wankers of the Week and a famous ex-NFL’er calls in with some important news.

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Comments (14)

  1. The ending was awesome. Can’t wait to see what you knuckleheads come up with on All Star Weekend.

  2. why wasn’t jerry sloan’s firing mentioned?

  3. Ah, the Larry Bird story I keep hearing in NBA 2k11 whenever I dare to not touch the controls for a while ;)

  4. bynum would help the lakers win a title more than carmelo? jeez man , get back on that stripper pole where you belong.

  5. @stevia

    Wow, that was immature and unnecessary.

  6. hahaha matts big head

  7. Oh, and Larry Bird shooting exploits are overrated. He’s a 37.6% 3 point shooter for his career and never even hit 100 3FG made in a season. I know he was as clutch as they come, but all this fuss made around his “legendary” skills as a shooter is completely over-the-top.

    Oh, and his shooting form is just plain horrible to look at.

  8. I’m not sure, I don’t think Larry Bird participated in the 1998 3-point contest.

  9. @ Warriors830 – it’s prerecorded and they wrapped just before Sloan leaving was announced.

  10. Said ’88 — was interrupted — then said ’98. Awesome.

    Larry Bird was the shit.

  11. Thanks to Tas for using the a word. Looking forward to All Star Weekend just for your coverage.

  12. Anyone thought he was gonna say “Lee Roy, how does it feel that another squad is shh ..ittier than yours?

  13. Skeets calling ME out for interrupting. Ha! That’s rich (also, you said ’98 twice, Skeetsbomb).

  14. Who cares if Larry Bird wasn’t a fantastic 3pt shooter? He was a fantastic 2pt shooter!
    Who cares if his form was ugly? It made him harder to block!

    Of the guys you listed (Allen, Nash, Miller) he’s the only one who doesn’t use a lot of screens to get good looks. He may have shot mae more shots with a hand in his face (on a per-game basis) than all three others combined!
    Plus, he could post-up and was a fantastic inside scorer, which is no disrespect to say the others aren’t…

    Btw, Kobe jhas a spot on this list too, if only because of the variety of shots he can make.

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