One of the best parts about All-Star weekend has to be seeing the insane posters and fliers promoting all of the parties that will be hosted by players over the course of the weekend. I’ve seen some doozies, but knowing Rose’s quiet demeanor, this one has become an instant favorite.

It’s got everything:

  • Partially-naked women: Check.
  • Hard, not-smiling photo of the NBA player: Check.
  • NBA player holding something unidentifiable in outstretched hand: Check.
  • Ridiculously corny name for the evening, in this case “Rose Petals”: Check.

Perfect. I wonder if he’s seen it yet?

Comments (9)

  1. I wonder if his other hand is throwing up the gang signs?

  2. I love how all the models have their Twitter handles next to them.

  3. Wow, seriously, wow..

    The twitter handles just make it worse, lol.

  4. For the record, the place where the party is being thrown (Joseph’s) is known mostly as a Greek restaurant.

  5. He’s holding a puddle of water. He’s just freaking holding it and it’s holding its form. talk about a handle.

  6. Sweet. Twitter addresses of NBA groupies? I know who I’m putting in my #FF this week!

  7. Bunch of scantily-clad whores.

  8. STFU & Get a LIfe Jerk.

  9. @james who gives a f if he is throwing up a gang sign. Last time i he was 18 when he made that mistake. I believe your mad because you want to be mr. Rose

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