Rumor has it that Jared Dudley promised his Suns teammates 10 dunks this season. Through 49 games, he had zero. Not a great pace, Dudders.

But then, miraculously, what you see up top happened. Celebration time!

And also hilarious quotes from his teammates time. First, Channing Frye, courtesy of

“I wanted to go outside and see if there were any pigs flying.”

Good zing, Channing Frye. Very nice. But there’s more. Here’s Steve Nash, tweeting:

The most explosive targets on the fastbreak in my career 1) Amar’e Stoudemire 2) Jared Dudley 3) Shawn Marion.

Perfect. Zings galore, over here. How about Grant Hill? Sure, from KTAR:

“Might have been the best dunk I’ve ever seen him do. Honestly, I thought it was Vince Carter streaking to the basket. If I’d have known it was Jared, I probably wouldn’t have passed it to him.”

Yep, that’s excellent. More Jared Dudley dunk zings, please, because these are all awesome.