The Orlando Magic have a big, beautiful new arena — the Amway Center — that everyone loves. It’s so pretty and it has so many toilets and light fixtures and soda taps that it’s just the best and everyone wants to visit, I’m sure.  However, because the Magic are an NBA franchise that’s been around since 1989, they also had an old arena that no one even cares about anymore. It was called the Amway Arena and it’s being readied for destruction.

And since it’s going to be blown up pretty soon, that means it has to be gutted. And when arenas are gutted, the public often has a chance to get their hands on some of the innards of the stadium, which is exactly what happened in Orlando. And the big winner, surprisingly, is the Faith Assembly of God church, who are taking home a sizable bounty that is sure to make their basketball team pretty happy. From the Orlando Sentinel:

The jumbo scoreboard that hangs at the Amway Arena soon will have a new home: a mega-church in east Orlando.

The Faith Assembly of God purchased it for $13,500 Saturday during a vast auction of arena furnishings at the old home of the Orlando Magic. The 4,000-member church is building a new complex off Curry Ford Road near State Road 417.

Part of the scoreboard will be installed in the school gymnasium, executive pastor Robb Hawks said.

The church also purchased kitchen equipment, hundreds of leather-covered seats for the school’s theater and the 14 lockers in the arena’s visitor locker room. The school’s basketball team will be thrilled to use the lockers, which they paid $175 for all, Hawks said.

Yeah, that’s awesome. Game-used jumbotrons don’t grow on trees, you know? And really, $13,500 seems super cheap for a gigantic scoreboard. I haven’t priced them, but that appears to be a reasonable price.

Not to mention, when you throw in the lockers, it’ll be like the Lions are real life NBA players, only way smaller. Only bad part is they didn’t pony up the extra $1,500 for their very own Andrew DeClercq. His enormous shorts really would have tied to gym together.