On Friday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers actually won a game for the first time in 2011. Sure, it made yesterday’s Bad Streak-Off a little less exciting, but the Cavs probably don’t care. A win’s a win, especially when you’ve only got eight others. Howevingtons, that win on Friday might not have even been a win.

What’s that, you say? How could a win not be a win? Well, if you watch that vijoe up top you’ll see a very questionable non-call on J.J. Hickson’s outstanding block to send the game in to overtime. ‘Twas such a questionable call that Vinny Del Negro thinks that the block was unquestionably a goaltend. From the AP:

“I thought it was goaltending,” he said. “They (the officials) didn’t think it was. They can’t review it because it wasn’t a call that was made. I’ll have to look at the film. I couldn’t see from that angle. It looked like it got on the glass, but I’m guessing.”

Fair enough. A Clippers coach would think that a Clippers basket should count for the Clippers. That is obvious, especially in a game that saw the Clippers become the team that finally lost to the Cavaliers. What else do you expect Vinny Del Negro to say? That it was a good block? C’mon.

However, it’s Cavs coach Byron Scott’s comments yesterday that make things seem even a bit more fishy, like when someone leaves the bloodline in some bluefish. Again, the AP:

So, coach Scott, was the block legal? “No comment,” he said, laughing. “It was really, really close.”

Hmmm, a giggling coach refusing to answer whether or not the play should have been called goaltending. I’m no lawyer, but I’d guess that sort of response would maybe sway the jury towards the Clippers’ side. sure, it’d have to go through years of appeals and legal mumbojumbo, but that’s a little piece of kinda evidence that makes you think that Baron Davis’ layup should have counted.

Nonetheless, it didn’t. The Cavaliers won the game and they’re not giving it back no matter who thinks the shot should have counted. All that matters is that big fat 9 in the wins column, even if it maybe shouldn’t be there.

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  1. it was just plain rude of you to make that video start halfway through, the complete demoralization of blake must be seen by all. just because of the griffin hype, i think that’s the block of the year for me.

  2. that’s okay because his earlier throat-stuffer on Blake Griffin should’ve counted double.

  3. Agreed on both counts.

  4. It didn’t look like goaltending to me, it looked pretty good. Seems like he got it right at the top of its arc, and then Hickson pushed it into the glass and down.

  5. give me a fucking break already…time to move on haters

  6. give me a f…ing break already…time to move on haters

  7. As much as I hate the Clips being the ones to lose to the Cavs’ losing streak, this was not in any way a goaltend. He got the ball at the peak. And yeah, that he took in the whole Milkshake makes it even more legal.

  8. The film shows a clean block. Definitely can see how it almost looks like a goaltend in real time though, I don’t blame Del Negro for thinking so.

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