Ep. 665: Weekend Wail-Off

On today’s Valentine’s Day show, Skeets and Tas hit you with the NBA weekend’s winners and losers. Hot: the Sixers’ defense, LaMarcus Aldridge, the Grizzlies, Matt Guokas, a candid Karl Malone, Tito Horford, and the Cavaliers. (Seriously.) Not: the Miami Heat for losing another “statement” game, DeMarcus Cousin’s attitude, Monty Williams “Hack-a-Howard” game plan, Rondo, and those shitty GRAMMYs. Enjoy.

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Comments (37)

  1. I said Dwight shot his free throw well, Friday. I was obviously shooting my alcohol well that night – he was 4 of 12 against the Hornets.

  2. Oh c’mon! The shoulder from Kevin Garnett was absolutly NOT cool. It would have been a great screen without it – Miller couldn’t get past it anyway, and Ray would get an open look. But he jut had to give him this shoulder and knock him out…. First the Fry story and now this…

    And the thing that get me even more angry is that comment that it was amazing creen and that there is nothing wrong with it… C’mon!
    And you guys backing him up… I’m disapointed… ;-)

    Anyway – great show!
    Greetings from Poland(the home land of Marcin Gortat!)!

    (P.S: Sorry for my not-so-good english… : )

  3. Aww, i was hoping you’d sneak Milos in there as a winner. Guess the Grammys took all the off-topic time.

    Good show as always.

  4. As a Magic fan I’ve always loved the knowledge of Matt Guokas and David Steele, and wondered how they compared to some other local broadcasters. Glad to know they’re one of the best.

  5. Tas Rondo is a very bad in game jump shooter. He shot a lot vs. LA and missed them all. If you watch him practice, its automatic.

  6. Guru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. interesting post on truehoop today about how these statement games don’t matter as much as you’re overall record. it’s very true that the way they play against the celtics is troubling, but only as it pertains to playing the celts. if they run into the celts in the playoffs i don’t think they get past em.

  8. I can’t watch the show till later today, but I couldn’t be happier from the comments to see that you guys aren’t overreacting to that screen like the many Garnett haters. Big Z’s screen on Rondo was clearly intended to “send a message”. That’s the Celtics game. KG did it back. Z’s arms extended a little on his screen, because he wanted to put a little something extra on it. KG did the same to Miller. Feet set….no problem.

    Probably should have been a no-call on Wade though. But, whatever.

    This is good, tough, physical play between rivals. Love it.

  9. ugh, your not you’re.

  10. Skeets, is it the lighting or did you dye your hair?

  11. i got nothing wrong with a good, hard screen, but i definitely don’t like the fact that KG’s shoulder went straight into the back of Miller’s head. there’s no way to say if that part of it is intentional or not, but watching him lean down into it the way he did looks pretty weird.

  12. JJ Barea has averaged 14.25 points in his last four outings. His season average is 9.2 points. He has stepped up for the banged up Mavs and shown recently that he is worth more than dribbling himself into trouble. Let’s hope he keeps it up. Definitely a winner for the past week.

  13. It looks pretty normal in realtime, like he’s bracing himself for contact…..a lot of screens look that way….I really thought Zs was similarly “solid”. I rewound it several times during the game. I can’t find a clip of it anywhere, just garnett’s (surprise, surprise).

  14. I think Tas secretly pops ronies for Black guys who sing @12:56

  15. Esperanza Spalding isn’t really a new artist, but she is very talented and indeed beautiful. Suck it, Beliebers!

    Also, French acknowledments fron Arcade Fire, way to go.

  16. Esperanza Spalding isn’t really a new artist, but she is very talented and indeed beautiful. Suck it, Beliebers!

    Also, French acknowledments from Arcade Fire, way to go.

  17. Dominican bookoff/payoff ideas:

    TAS – full body wax – looks like he’d be pretty hairy
    Skeets – doesn’t look hairy at all, so he should have to do the lobster

  18. Yay somebody else noticed that my team, the 76ers, are actually a decent squad and that they are playing above expectations in the past few weeks.

    Kudos to Collins for making this team relevant.

  19. How about Egypt as a winner? Anyone? Nahnu kul misri!

    Also: I think Wade’s response to KG’s screen was even better, love to see that stuff. I’m hoping for a playoff series between these two teams (even though I’m not a fan of either).

  20. While I agree that Garnett’s screen probably should have been a no call, that doesnt change the fact that it was a bit of a cheap shot – he clearly intentionally dropped his shoulder into miller.

    However, the no call on garnett near the end of the game when he fouled lebron in the lane was in my opinion much, much worse. Not only did that take away two potential points from the heat (at that point down by two I believe) Garnett would have been fouled out of the game. To add insult to injury KG then went and drained an elbow jumper.

    As much as it pains me to say it, the Heat got robbed by the officiating in that game. Those two calls (particularly the flagrant foul in the aftermath of the Garnett pick) swung the game towards the Celtics.

  21. More evidence of the poor officiating – Lebron had one free throw going into the final seconds of the game… when has that ever happened?

  22. The KG screen was great. The NBA needs to get a bit of toughness back into it. Rondo trying to get into the Heat huddle was embarrassing. The Celtics are for the most part respected as a team because of their old school toughness and fundamental play. Jeff Van Gundy had it right for once, Rondo just seemed like a little kid. Made me lose a lot of respect for the guy.

  23. I agree that they missed a KEY foul call there, but I think the game was called pretty badly both ways. There was a three call stretch early in the fourth that let the heat right back in. An offensive foul on KG that didn’t take place at all….5 seconds on Rondo which the referree only called because he was pissed that Rondo was asking for the foul….and then a foul on KG for a clean deflection over Bosh.

    I think the referees were terrible all around.

  24. Everyone always thinks the referees are terrible.

  25. Great show. Lots of praise for the Cs, and some well deserved love for Garnett after all the hits he’s taken on this site recently.

    To hear you guys say your resting up for the playoffs makes me excited and upset all at the same time. How is the season going by so fast??

  26. Think it’s childish of Rondo to be getting into the HEAT’s huddle… But the Celtics can do no wrong. Garnett can hit a guy in the nuts, make contact with a ref, (the screen to me was fine, had miller been actually hurt, should’ve been a foul, if not play on).

    The Celtics are always the aggressor, the refs are buying into it. Lebron hasn’t gotten a call in Boston in 4 years.

  27. 1. Egypt

    2. The warriors beat the thunder on national tv. I can’t remember the last time they won with that audience. And really? They can’t be winners of the weekend? I know I’m a homer and they are pretty irrelevant but come on now.

    3. GURU!

  28. Aww yea!! Can’t wait for the clips from all star weekend. It’s the best part of being a TBJ fan.

    “That feel gooooood!”

    Grammy winner: Mumford & Sons. I’ve never heard of them, but after last nights performance… I’m on board. Here it is:


  29. Loser of eternity = Justin Bieber

  30. i’m glad you guys found that rajon rando huddle thing funny cuz stan van gundy was bitchin like a 5 yr old over it. I swear tht dude is a miami band wagon fan

  31. The Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal snub is far greater than the LMA snub. That was just ridiculous. But I had to give respect to the Grammy’s for showing love to my wet dream Ms. Esperanza Spalding. Yum.


  32. Book Off Idea:

    Tropical shirt & shorts
    Chic Sunglasses
    Straw hat
    Fake dreadlocks
    Caribbean steel drum
    Street corner

    set up and start playing…

  33. Album of the Year is for the best album. Song of the year recognizes nothing except for how the song is written, whereas record of the year is for the songwriting plus the production value.

  34. Van Gundy was ridiculous…..it’s not going into the backyard. If they wanted it to be that way, they should have called a timeout. Rondo has a right to stand anywhere on the floor with no timeout called.

    If anything, the guys who pushed him away were the ones in the wrong. You can’t just push a guy for being on the floor.

  35. What’s with the styrofoam cup? Did something happen to the Score mugs?

  36. Keith Elam is smiling right now.

    Tas, if you made an R&B mixtape, I’d listen to it. JustSaying.

  37. I’ll be in Punta Cana during and after the allstar game. If youre in the Colonel Majestic, lets play some hoops and pay tribute to Guru.

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