Yesterday was a good day for missed dunks, if such a thing can exist. So good, in fact, that we need to rank the winners. Not “need,” really, but “will anyway”…

WIN: Glen Davis botches a breakaway, nearly kills Chris Bosh
This is one of my favorite worst plays ever, and might go down as the biggest blooper of the season. It’s definitely up there with the JaVale McGee and Hedo Turkoglu misses, just because Big Baby makes things 300 percent funnier by running straight through Chris Bosh after not even coming close to making his dunk. Phenomenal.

PLACE: John Wall’s lefty gets loosey
Pretty much your standard missed dunk, no big deal. Just a bro on a fast break trying to throw one down left-handed only to have his Washington Wizardry come back to haunt him, like Nearly-Headless Nick. (That’s a Harry Potter reference because of wizards.) Best part about this is that Wall said he knew he missed it as soon as he was going up. Here’s Wall, “That was embarrassing. I could tell when I tried dunking it, it was off and then I heard the crowd go crazy.” Yep.

SHOW: Hedo Turkoglu misses a toughy
Going to have to trust me on this one, but Hedo Turkoglu missed a dunk early in the Magic’s game against the Lakers. Howevs, we can forgive him because he was trying to dunk on or about a seven-footer who is good at blocking shots. Plus, the miss was so non-notable that the Internet didn’t even feel like making a YouTube clip for it. Hedo got off easy.

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  1. Shannon Brown got rejected by the rim on a baseline blowby in the Magic game too, might even have been more. A good game for people who like athletes not being athletic.

  2. Was big baby whistled for a foul after that play? insult to injury!

    but why though?

  3. No one can top Joel Anthony’s slow drop-step/travel and botched dunk right under the rim…

  4. Dear Trey,
    Please never use the phrase “howevs” to start a sentence again,
    unless you are somehow comparing the ineptitude of missing dunks to sloppy writing, just don’t.
    Seriously I mean it. Don’t.
    These insignificant yet forcibly induced turds of articles you habitually still-birth, might not take much time or effort for you personally before going back to doing something else in backwater Illinois.
    But as for users of the TBJ site, of which I’m sure there are increasingly less in number due to your not only low quality, but high in frequency junk. Do you think we are all morons? Are we all just a bunch of middle american man-children like yourself, navigating our way betwixt lolcats, social networking sites and porn? Well if not, stop treating us that way.
    Surely it may seem lazy or overly demanding on my behalf, but is it too much ask for a reasonable standard of content from yourself?

    I thought I’d just point out my general mood, not really just due to this single slapdash article, but countless many from you. It’s a shame that you continue with the same brand of not only 99% unfunny gabage, but that you are in such humorous, entertaining and otherwise fine company as TBJ.

    Not a fan

  5. ^ U mad brah? Yea u mad.

  6. Hedo’s is wonderfully choreographed I think, as those two Lakies fly by. Ah, sorry tjr. Just read over it. No, fly over it, those parts of post you don’t think humorous.

  7. Is that the first serious Trey Kirby sucks post? It’s just like being back at BDL!

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