Considering all the big names are in the same place, All-Star Weekend is a big day for shoe companies. That’s why you see crazy colorways, exclusive releases and people daring to wear sneakers you wouldn’t see in any other basketball games.

Like, for instance, these three shoes. On the left, Kevin Durant’s reddified Nike Zoom KD3. In the middle, Kevin Garnett’s silvered-up Anta KG1. And, on the right, Derrick Rose’s all-yellow adidas adiZero Rose.

As you can see (especially in the bigger pictures after the jump), these shoes are all wackadoodle colors that have nothing to do with the teams they play for and everything to do with making people notice their feet when millions of eyeballs are fixated on a HD television screen. Judging by these photos, that’ll work, because each one of these shoes is crazy in their own right.

Personally, I’ll take Rose’s shoes for the win, just barely. For whatever reason, the yellow is fun to me. Not a lot of yellow sneaks out there, so it’s nice to see something so rare. In fact, rumor has it that Rose will only wear these for a half before switching to the all-new adiZero Rose 1.5 shoe for the second half. Something to watch for, shoe nerds.

But really, these are all pretty great. There aren’t a lot of games that these big stars are going to go this crazy with their shoes, so it’s cool that they embrace it for the All-Star Game. Have some fun with it, you know? You know. Anyway, let’s hear your favorite in the comment. Or, if you hate them all, that’s cool too. Freedom of speech and all that.