This past weekend was Valentine’s Day weekend, so you can understand why Rajon Rondo wants to be close to LeBron James. Is that so wrong?

LeBron’s at the top of his game, so it’s only natural that Rondo would want to spend some quality time with him. But LeBron keeps pushing him away. So inconsiderate, especially given the holiday.

Lighten up and just let the man nestle his head gently on your hip. Valentine’s Day comes but once a year.

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  1. I hated Rondo until I saw him give everything to defend Lebron. A player with that much fight in him earns my immediate respect.

    I hate Boston, which shows you just how much I hate the heat.

  2. This defense wasn’t funny. This defense was outstanding, which is why they won that game. Any real street baller and NBA palyer will tell you that.

  3. Well, thanks for your street expertise Jiggy.

    It was both funny and effective…

  4. This is how you defend a bigger guy. Until it gets whistled. But basically this is textbook D on a bigger guy.

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