Hey, c’mon guys, just let Rajon see what you’re doing. Not cool. Oh, stop pushing. C’mon, be nice. The fella’s just trying to be friends. Stop picking on him just because he’s so little and can’t shoot like you guys.

Awww geez, LeBron, there’s no need to push. What’s a little glimpse going to do anyway?

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  1. This started a serious brawl at an old high school game I went to a few years back.

  2. @ SFII

    Some dude tried to do that when I was playing in high school as well.

    One of my teammates spit on him. He never came back.

  3. it is wrong, but i like it!

  4. How is it wrong?

    If you want privacy, call a timeout!

    Man, Jeff Van Gundy is getting stupider and stupider…

  5. Breyzh, sure there is nothing wrong with the peeking, but don’t cry when you get punched in the face by the other team.

    That was frickin hilarious though.

  6. I agree with JVG, that was stupid of Rondo.

  7. Like I said on the TBJ Facebook page Rondo deserves a serious bi*ch-slap. The Boston guys are really pushing it and one of these days someone is gonna get beat up…

  8. someone did that before, but I don’t remember who. Funny.

  9. [...] so it’s only natural that Rondo would want to spend some quality time with him. But LeBron keeps pushing him away. So inconsiderate, especially given the holiday.Lighten up and just let the man nestle his head [...]

  10. flegman that was sheed. it wasnt as funny as he thought it was.

  11. Being around A-holes like KG and Pierce is slowly turning Rondo into one….

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