Boston Celtics 85, Miami Heat 82
All this time, everybody has been wondering who’d take the last shot in a big game for the Heat. Turns out the answer is Mike Miller and it turns out that’s not such a good idea, even if he’s wide open. Even worse, the Celtics have clinched the season series, meaning they’ve got at least one home court advantage tie-breaker over the Heat. Might be important down the line.

Orlando Magic 89, Los Angeles Lakers 75
Feels like this is a better win for the Magic than it is a bad loss for the Lakers. After all, the Lakers are in the midst of a seven game road trip where they’ve played well, and this is the Magic’s first win against an elite team since Christmas. Big ups, Magic.

Toronto Raptors 98, Los Angeles Clippers 92
It was fun having the Clippers be good for a while, but their last two games have been losses to the Cavaliers and Raptors, who had a combined 1-42 record in their previous 43 games. Looks like the loss of Eric Gordon took them back to the olden days of Clipperdom.

Portland Trail Blazers 105, Detroit Pistons 100
Third straight 30+ point game for LaMarcus Aldridge (36 on 17 shots) who seems to be taking that All-Star snub in stride and not holding any deep-seated anger about it or anything like that.

Washington Wizards 115, Cleveland Cavaliers 100
Well, now that the Wizards have a road win and the Cavs broke their 26-game losing streak, these two teams go from being hilariously bad to just plain bad. Not too sure if that’s an improvement or not.

Memphis Grizzlies 116, Denver Nuggets 108
OJ Mayo is due back Tuesday, and with Tony Allen Tony Allen-ing things up all over the place, the Grizzlies are going to be tough. Mostly because it means they won’t have to play Sam Young so much anymore.

Sacramento Kings 113, Phoenix Suns 108
You know what they say: “Sometimes, Steve Nash can put up 22 points and 18 assists but it doesn’t matter when Samuel Dalembert is wheeling and dealing like a regular wheeler-dealer.” Classic saying.

Golden State Warriors 100, Oklahoma City Thunder 94
Bit of a yikes-y week for the Thunder. A loss Tuesday to the Grizzlies, a two-point win against the Kings and a thorough handling by the Warriors. Not what you’re hoping for against two bottom-feeders and a fringe playoff team.