Ep. 666: Sign of the Beast

On today’s wonderfully strange and demonic show, Andre Agassi and Hercules travel to the pits of hell to rendezvous with The Devil. Questions asked include: Which NBA players that walk among us are not ye mortals? What aspect of the NBA is considered “personal hell?” Which team or player are possessed by misfortune and need an exorcism? And, finally, if you could attend a heavy metal concert with any NBA’er, whom would you choose? Watch for our picks; talk for yours!

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Comments (54)

  1. i was originally pissed at the 7 minute runtime, then it was worth it. death @ “the devil speaks in a vaguely british accent”

  2. That was quite possibly the most hilariously awful thing I’ve ever seen.


  3. Kevin Costner did a great devil in “Robin Hood: Prince of Theives.”

  4. Worst. Devil. Ever.

    But that was fun

  5. terrible fix, but the funniest one I’ve ever watched by far.

  6. all i have to say really is “wtf”
    so awkward hahahaha

  7. You’re going straight to heaven for this.

  8. Why oh why did you change your video hosting to Youtube?
    I can no longer listen to episodes at work :[

  9. Episode of the Beast

    Andre Agassi? Looked more like a member of a Loverboy tribute band. Also what was Tas doing with the Junkyard Dog’s chain?

    Can’t fault the answers for beast (Howard) or metal compadre (Germans), but I would wish to exorcise the league of Donald Sterling more than anything else. The racist slum lord who owns the Clippers is a blight on the entire league.

  10. @Slickrickyross: We only used Youtube for today because Vimeo’s down.

  11. I just watched it again. Amazing.

  12. That ruled :)

    Beast: Definitely Dwight.
    In need of exorcism: KG! Dude hits his own head, yells for no reason, and punches people in the junk.
    NBA hell: Late 90s and early 2000s. Really any time the Heat are good.

  13. I second that “wtf” post

  14. Watching that drunk was awesome @_@

  15. That was a TRIP guys. Seriously, well worth the wait today.

  16. Annnndddd… Vimeo’s working again. Thanks for sticking with us today.

  17. Beast: Earl Boykins. Can lift 300 pounds and is 5 foot 6. Joking I say Kevin Love.
    In need of an exoricism: Ron Artest guys crazy….
    Heavy Metal: Chris Anderson. Think he’d fit in and I could not get killed.
    NBA Hell: The amount of defense played in a Warriors-Suns game.

  18. That has to be the funniest one you guys have done yet. ESPN Classic just called and they want to run it immediately for the next 48 hours straight.

    Not mortal: LeBron James, because clearly he is the anti-christ.
    Personal Hell: Being a Hawks fan and stuck with the ASG ownership group.
    Possessed by Misfortune: Definitely Portland.
    Metal Concert: Toss up between Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson. Honestly, tell me you wouldn’t want to see those two in a mosh pit?

  19. Did I just walk into a Jimmy Fallon skit? You guys couldn’t quit laughing at yourself!

  20. Wayne’s World or Jay and Silent Bob? Just can’t decide which pair compares with the look guys!

  21. Not mortal: Antonio McDyess-Dude still producing on a championship caliber team. His game has evolved through the years to stay relevant in league.
    Personal Hell: As a Lakers fan hating Ron Artest and Matt Barnes and then they land on LA’s roster-They have actually grown on me and I respect the D they bring to the team. At least they didn’t add Delonte West when that was rumored last summer.
    Possessed by Misfortune: Antawn Jamison-First the Wizards and now the Cavs…
    Metal Concert: Birdman-He has Free Bird tatted on his neck

  22. Best Satanic episode ever? Best Satanic episode ever.

    Clearly the only beast worth talking about is Sir Matt Osten and his evil, twirling, disembodied head

  23. Tas & Matty O had the same accent.

    That was weird.

  24. that was terrible and funny as hell at the same time.all the accents were the best part. wouldve rather seen you guys talk about the lack of energy and focus the lakers showed last night against the bobcats but i needed the laugh.

  25. Why does Melas look like an 80s wrestler?

    This is just fucking awful.

  26. LOL

    “The devil speaks in a vaguely british accent”

  27. That was frickin hilarious.

    Beast – Perk

    Best to take to a heavy metal concert – Perk

    NBA Hell – Last year’s dunk contest.

  28. You guys love your job too much! Even though I thought it was hilarious, thank god there is only one number that represents Satan… I don’t think I could handle another one of those episodes.

  29. Fucking brilliant!

  30. Hey Kevin Love!

    Eat some basketball, fool.


    Again and again and again. It doesn’t matter that LA didn’t make the ASG, he is still leading his team to victories. Love is simply padding his stats on a team that is of zero consequence.

  31. Great episode guys. Had me rolling.

  32. That was ugly, there’s no other way to put it.

  33. That was disturbing.

  34. Hit the ‘so bad its good’ nail right on the head.

  35. @Nick, couldn’t agree more on the dunk contest. The most awkward moment in their lives for everyone involved. Add the most embarrassing moment in their lives to those that participated. I mean if this clip is any indication the devil is the source of all that is awkward and embarrassing.

  36. BEST EPISODE EVER! Oh, and how do you not take Birdman to a metal concert?

  37. All you people saying this was a bad episode don’t have a sense of humour. I was cracking up the whole time, good job TBJ !

  38. NBA hell, the final minute of ESPN televised games that take over half an hour to finish due to timeout/add breaks.

    I would love to ask you guys the question “If you could change one aspect of the games what would it be?” I would say restrict the ESPN break to the 60 seconds rather than the three minutes of commercials you seem to get every 6 seconds of game play. It sucks all the tension straight out of the game.

  39. omg, i felt a little ripped off at 7 mins but it was so funny i watched it 3 times so that makes it a 21 min show. hilarious fellas… the devil sounds like yoda at the beginning. melas went from randy macho man to harvey fierstein to robin leach and then finally count chocula!! no idea what accent skeets was doing; perhaps that is the truly evil one!!

  40. that was brilliantly stupid. i’ll sacrifice a goat in its honour.

  41. what a bunch of marooms – loved it
    BTW you guys are down on your quota of f bombs, please see to it – thank you,

  42. This episode cannot be unseen.

  43. The video was almost 6 minutes and 66 seconds long (7:06), how’s that for irony(we’ll ignore the fact that it was 2 seconds too long). Regardless, good job JD. Keep up the great work guys.

  44. The answer to all of the questions is Chris Andersen.


  45. Why do I suddenly have a craving for early 90′s wrestling and acid?

    Would have paid money to hear Matt say cocksuckaaaas as the devil.

  46. I want your job! I live in Long Beach, should I swing by Jam Session to chill w/ some of my fave Canadians?

  47. I’m used to you guys holding up a straight face regardless of the hillariousness of the stuff that you do and say…. Tbh I’m surprised that you cracked up so much :)))) Hah

    I wish it lasted more than 7mins tho :)

  48. Pretty funny guys

    For the rock show you got the wrong Chris you need to take the birdman Chris Anderson.
    With the tatts, mo hawk he will bring the street cred to you and his monster truck will bring the ladies to you

    PS: even i am an Aussie in China i go to the effort of getting on the proxy and downloading your show each day even though it takes like aboot 4 hours to download :(

    Keep it up, love seeing some guys who are as fanatical about basketball as i am, is like my mate says, we are not fans, we have a problem :D~

  49. I’d just like to say:

    Michael Jordan is not that awesome.

    Now, hear me out: Lebron (clearly the best player in the league right now) leaves the Cavs, and they lose about 40 wins. Jordan leaves the Bulls and they drop 2 wins, because Scotty was there to pick up the pieces.

    Sure, it’s only one season’s worth of evidence, but since a season consists of n>30 games, I’d say it’s still a decent barometer of “How important are you to your 60+ win team”.

    Hell, just the fact that a team could be so abysmal after losing their best player, and that the ’94 Bulls were not that bad should say something about how great Pippen was, or how over-inflated Jordan’s reputation is.

    Also, Jordan’s a huge dumbass outside of the court, since he got screwed by the Wizards’ guy, drafted Kwame Brown (among others), came back and ballhogged for 2 seasons, ruined Kwame Brown, and then bought a crappy team FEATURING KWAME BROWN.

    Mostly, I’m trying to say that MANU RULES BITCHES, MICHAEL SUCKS!!!!!11

  50. I always suspected Matt was Frisky Dingo… or at the very least the Devil. But I’m pretty sure JD and Ryan Gosling were on Breaker High together. In retrospect the title seems more appropriate.

  51. beast: blake griffin
    nba hell: atlanta
    rock concert: Nash and Dirk
    exorcism: T-Mac, never getting out of the first round

  52. @Vince Yes! JD is totally that guy.


  53. Epic Ep!

    Beast: ‘Bron.
    Exorcism: Cousins needs it.
    Hell: GSW@HOU
    Concert: Rasheed or Salmons – bearded Phillies know their music.

  54. Let me rather put in Chris Broussard for the exorcism.

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