Call me crazy, but if there’s an NBA player on the court during one of my men’s league games, I’m not just going to let him jog to the three-point line to catch the ball for a last second game-winning shot attempt. Even if he hasn’t played in the league for three years and only shot .316 from deep during his career.

It’s like every basketball coach ever says, “Make the guy in the gigantic red shorts beat you.” Words of wisdom.

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  1. I know basketball is a team game, but isn’t the most interesting part of this story that a team with Penny Hardaway on it needed a game winning shot to win a men’s rec league game? This is a guy who was talking about trying to come back and play for the Heat.

  2. Very good point. Also curious why he only had 14 points. Maybe he only played a half.

  3. Yea seriously can we get a box score for this game? I wonder if any other random scrubs or castoffs are playing with this crew..

  4. This is weird. But not as weird as Sloan retiring.

    Speaking of Penny….. He is a player I thought we’d see coaching one day. Maybe he’s found ways to make more money by rigging rec games than he would coaching.

  5. Thanks for posting, Basketball Jones! We’re big fans of your site.

    @CrazyH2182- Here is the box score from the game:

    And please don’t call us a “just Rec League”….that hurts. ;)

    - J.D. UH Media

  6. It’s good too see Penny still playing this great game his stats show he was 2 assists shy of a Triple double Not bad at all I hope someone gives this guy a shot in the NBA

    I think he could definently make a push for a coaching position but that 3 ball shows some game left

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