The Miami Heat travel north tonight for their first game in Toronto against the Raptors. Pardon me, I must say, that’s kinda like a big deal, considering Chris Bosh’s inglorious exit from Canada. And while Bosh is saying the right things (“Why would I hate a city?”) and the wrong things (“I’m pretty happy with the way things went”) and the possibly debateable things (“I never, ever checked out of anything”), he’s not the only one talking.

No, one of his ex-teammates, a certain bearded rebounder has a few things to say about Bosh, mostly in an attempt to set the record straight through repetition. From the National Post:

“No disrespect to Chris, but Chris don’t talk. He don’t talk. He’s like … he don’t talk. He don’t. He don’t talk. I just said he don’t talk. That’s all I’m saying. He don’t talk,” Evans, the Toronto Raptors’ gruff, fountain-of-truth power forward said Tuesday. “Would he talk on the court? Yeah, he talked on the court. But you’re speaking of the locker room. He don’t talk.

“I’m not knocking C.B. at all, period. I swear to God on that. It’s just if you’re going to talk about personality, C.B. don’t talk. I’m not saying that’s good. I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m saying that’s just him. He don’t talk.”

Just because I’m a little unclear on one thing, does anyone know if Chris Bosh talks? Kind of unsure about that.

But really, even though Reggie Evans swears to God that he’s not trying to knock Bosh, he kind of is. Saying a guy doesn’t talk in the locker room when they’re ostensibly the leader of a team isn’t a good thing. Leading by example is fine, but when you spend the beginning of your free agency period saying how much you want to be the top dog and lead a team and run things, you need to do more than be a quiet leader. And, if Bosh had really wanted that responsibility, he’d have done it in Toronto. But maybe he didn’t, ergo Miami.

Nonetheless, tonight should be interesting. Toronto is very good at booing players they don’t like, and they’re even better at booing players who left the Raptors under non-ideal circumstances. Chris Bosh falls in to the latter category, so he’s going to get the good stuff. Luckily, as we’ve learned, he won’t talk back.